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The Tale of Arcania
~ Introduction ~

I shall tell you a story. It's a story of a mythical land that some actually believe existed. Strange, how people can hold onto such fragile memories and dreams and call them true. Alas, I cannot say much as I used to be one of those Arcane Seekers. Oh, forgive me; I should explain myself before referencing things you know nothing about. An Arcane Seeker is someone who has dedicated their life, energy, and time to the pursuit of ancient textbooks and infinite knowledge accessible only through the Arcane World Database. The belief behind such a life pursuit is that if one happens to find the Arcane World Database, they will reach enlightenment. Once enlightened, an Arcane Seeker may ascend into different planes of existence at will, as well as access unlimited amounts of forgotten talents, ancient techniques and lost technologies.

The Arcane World Database can be envisioned to be like a giant Library. Based on myth, when one accesses this Library, time supposedly stops for them. In theory, you could gain quite a long lifespan simply by staying inside the Library for unprecedented amounts of time! Exciting hypothesis, is it not? It is easy to get fired up for such an enticing tale. Am I a fool for believing in such enchanting lies? Perhaps I am, but I have grown more sensible with old age. At least there is one good thing that came from this damn disease!

The old man coughs spastically for a few seconds before regaining composure with a small, but rather lengthy sigh.

Another side to the tale is that even if you do obtain the knowledge from the Arcane World Database, you are only allowed to communicate it to others who have found enlightenment. Communicating your findings to other humans is forbidden. The reason behind this is that you are chosen whether or not you can access the database based on your mental and physical attributes. Those who do not have the specifications necessary are deemed "impure" and will promptly die if given knowledge outside their regular intake. Based on an untested hypothesis, it is also said by numerous Arcane Seekers that the one who discloses this forbidden knowledge with the Impure will be cursed by Eternal Judgement. It is unknown who or what Eternal Judgement is, so I cannot expand on that. The curse used is also unknown since there have been no reports on it at all. I can only assume that everyone is too scared to try out that theory...for obvious reasons.

He cackles softly before sighing for another extended period of time, promptly falling asleep.

The Way to Enlightenment
~ Chapter One ~
All alone surrounded by various books of different shapes and sizes. As soon as you walk into the room, you can inhale the distinct aroma of old paper. Slightly atrocious, but warm all the same. It draws you in and makes you want to live every book you lay eyes on. This is the world I found myself living in, although I always found myself craving more knowledge. Constantly seeking answers, this always led to a dozen more questions that needed to be answered. Today, I've found myself in a rather ancient room full of books I've never seen before. The writing was archaic and the books were all hand-crafted. Just being in the room makes you physically motion your approval of the works of those who were here before. The quality of work is fabulous and the content is where it really gets interesting. Blueprints of strange machines and formulas for those who believed in making dreams into reality. Astonishing is the only word that could come to my mind at the time.
My name is Ivan Elendil. I'm an Arcane Seeker, and I believe I've just found a very important discovery. It's been almost a week since I've ventured into this endless pit of information. I've had partners before, but they've all tired out quickly and left me to wander the world alone. I was always treated differently as a child due to my capacity to quickly grasp concepts and use them in a relative way.
I keep seeing the same word over and over throughout all these books. "Arcania" is the word that keeps being used. What is it, or who? I have had little luck understanding what is truly being said and I've been using several different translations. These translations apparently were written by Enlightened Arcane Seekers, however it was never confirmed and nobody has yet to actually meet an Enlightened Arcane Seeker. They are a myth that we as Arcane Seekers hang onto so desperately to keep moving forward in our research and journey.

Ivan sighs heavily and tosses the book he was currently reading to the side a bit too casually.

A voice weighs heavily on Ivan's ears while the book is sliding gently across the floor, almost as if talking to him telepathically.

"You should take better care of those books if you wish to find the truth in them Ivan."

My heart starts racing, my nostrils flare and I no longer feel tired. My blood is surging through my veins as I look around and stand up, swearing under my breath. What the hell was that? A voice, for sure, but why talk to me? Suddenly invigorated and scared half to death, I ready myself for a few nights with no sleep. I walk over to the book I recently tossed to the side and gently pick it back up, wiping off the dust and making sure it doesn't have any permanent damage. I hold it up randomly as if to tell anyone who's watching me that it's okay, half expecting to receive another message. After a solid 4 minutes of silence, I realize I probably look like a complete fool. I should look much deeper into this book.

A small figure in a darkened corner of the room crouches and keeps a steady eye on Ivan Erendil. This man will definitely find the way, albeit a little push from the Enlightened. A smirk races across the figure's lips before it fades away in an instant, just as the being dissolves into the darkness.

The words that I heard repeated in my head as I read through the book I had previously tossed to the side. What am I missing to solve the puzzle? What is my mission? Why am I doing this? My goal as an Arcane Seeker is to find Enlightenment and eventually transcend into the various planes of the world.

Just then, a color pattern in the book catches my eyes and I direct all my focus on the context of the page.

"To find enlightenment, one must first become enlightened."
Now what the hell is that supposed to mean? How could anyone find enlightenment if you have to be enlighte . . . wait a minute. This is a riddle or puzzle of some kind. The colors on display all represent a certain criteria or ability, as shown here.

Ivan brushes his fingers against the old pages of the book, scrolling across the various pieces of information.

Red signifies brute strength and is often good at making tactical decisions - especially when under great stress. Blue represents a calming presence and a power over their surroundings to a degree. Yellow seems to be an agile group which specializes in the art of movement. Whoa, reflexes are stated to be so fast that it may seem like they have mastered teleportation. Purple stays grounded in its gravitational roots and there's not a lot of information on that subject from what I'm reading here. That's a shame; I've always been a fan of gravity and its effects. That's strange; there seem to be some pages missing here. I can only assume that they've been stolen, but hopefully they are still intact somewhere. Back to the question at hand, how do I become enlightened? I understand the colors, but how do I apply colors to myself? No point bickering to myself over this. I might as well get some rest and read into it with a fresh mind.

I sigh heavily and barely open my eyes to see the light coming through an old stained glass window with intricate patterns. The light playfully jumps around all the books in the room it's confined in. Stretching as far out as I can and grunting slightly, I come to my bearings and shake my head as I get up and look around again. I notice a small notebook that I don’t recognize tucked away in a small section of the bookshelf, revealed by the early morning light. I make my way over to the book sluggishly and open it up to start flipping through the old texts. My eyes widen and I sit upright as I realize what I’m reading; it’s a logbook from an Enlightened Arcane Seeker. This book explains everything from the effects of the various colors to the Ascension process. This is definitely going to take some time to read through. I remember seeing some of these articles in a few other books as well. I go to gather up some of the other books and clear off some space on the floor and start laying out the books around me to match the logs in the Enlightener’s logbook.

Through research, I've learned quite a bit about the Enlightened and how they are able to achieve some of their amazing feats. For starters, there are various "runes" or symbols that you're able to choose from. The mechanical part of these "runes" is based on how you implement them. By that, I mean that the rune's effect will differ based on where you place it. Whether that is on a wall, the floor, on your arm, chest, feet, the possibilities are endless. The size of the rune also plays a part in it's overall effect. To include even more complexity to the entire structure, you can combine various parts of several runes to create complex effects or "spells". I still have to dive into the details of all these subjects, but it's taken me a few days to simply get this much of a grasp on the subject. It may be another week or two before I can say that I've memorized all of this content.
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The Ascension

~ Chapter 2 ~

After months of grueling reference material, countless hours of sleepness nights, and surviving the various weatherings and wildlife that come from these territories, I've finally come to have a basic understanding of what being an Enlightened actually means. The knowledge in this place is outstanding, exciting, and extremely frightening all at the same time. Those who left these here must have known someone could stumble upon these great teachings....or perhaps they wanted them to. Could it have been an accident, or was all of this planned from the start? Only the Enlightened know what the Enlightened are thinking, so the best I can do is speculate.

Ivan rises from his makeshift bedding and wraps himself up in additional clothing to head outside for some fresh air.

The Enlightened operate off a somewhat simplistic system, although I'm unsure if alterations to this system can be made to create even more amazing and powerful spells. It's broken up into three main components.

The base element is the first of the three combinations. It will always draw out and use the most common of the elements. The base is also what you build everything else off, so the composition of it might also matter. In my testings, I used paper as my only base, so my knowledge is extremely limited.

We come to our second combination, which is also known as the 'medium'. This is characterized by what we use to draw any actual text or symbols on the base. The complexity of these symbols might hold a key to unlocking more advanced spells, but that is beyond my realm of knowledge. However, the colors that are used is key even in this medium, and can unlock more specific characteristics of the element being used. An example of this would be yellow, which is symbolic for lightning, used as a base will produce a shock. However, if it's used as a medium, it can give your base the speed of lightning.

Lastly, we have our expression. This was touched on in my last explanation, but it is basically what you create, or draw. The complexity of your words or symbols directly affect what it will actually do, and I am still getting familiar to this particular portion of the combination.

The elements, ah yes the elements! I almost completely forgot about the elements! How silly of me to forget such a staple aspect of the combination. There are seven elements that I'm currently aware of, and records of an eighth that has yet to be recorded in history. Each element is embodied as a color, which is used when creating your combination spell. The first of these elements is red. Red is symbolistic of fire and flame, the burning essence of heat. It's main characteristic is fire and it will burn anything it touches. As a medium, it can create explosions, melt at extremely fast speeds, or fuse items together.

Orange is our next element, representing Earth. It's main attribute is the manipulation of the soil. It is slow moving, but as a medium can be used to erode objects by breaking down their entire composition. Obviously this is only done if it is not man made, but it is very powerful in it's uses.

Yellow is the representative color of lightning. Most commonly known for it's shocking properties, it's no surprise that the base element of lightning is it's ability to shock. However, what I found intriguing is that if used as a medium element, it can produce extreme heat or move at the speed of light. A dangerous pairing if used with Earth, as I've demonstrated to myself in the past.

Green is nothing but pure toxicity, boasting it's poisonous nature with pride. It's base characteristic isn't extremely effective by itself, being nothing more than a lethal poison. It's most effectively used as a medium element due to it's ability to create organic deterioration, various ailments, can be applied to gas, liquid, and solids.

Blue is our representative for Water. Much like Poison, it's not super effective by itself. Possessing qualities as a base to create rain and cause floods, it is much more applicable as a medium element unless you have a large knowledge for water, in which case you can bend water to your will, further increasing it's functionality. As a medium element, water can be used to travel quickly through various terrain, create vapor, or even spawn from the sky.

Purple is the color representing Gravity. One of the most versatile elements I've encountered, gravity has almost limitless options at it's disposal both as a base element and a medium. Focusing on base characterstics, it's able to both create a crushing force or eliminate weight completely, giving off an almost levitating effect. As a medium, you can fuse it with almost any other element and create denser objects, lighter spells to move faster, spells that will create enormous force when contacting a surface, or dissipate all gravity in an area while the element is in the area.

The last known element is signified as White, or Metal. Used as a base element, it can be used to create objects out of metals in the area, and a highly skilled Enlightened can move them freely according to their will. As a medium, it can be constructed to either reinforce existing spells or deconstruct objects that are hit.

Ivan looks around at the land around him, breathes in heavily one last time, and starts heading back inside for more research.

I still don't know very much, but I plan on spending as much time here as I must in order to find the true way of the Enlightened. I must carve my own path, and learn as quickly as possible. The air is still and it frightens me.

In the dead air surrounding a shadow, a smirk emerges from the mouth of one named Destral the Vanquisher, located on the far edges of Gravladon.

I've found you Ivan. You have no choice in this decision. Ivan Elendil, you'll become part of my collection.

Through miles of trecherous land, I've trailed after the marker I set a few years ago. Never thought someone would discover that library so deep in the white mountains of Gravladon, but thankfully my own cautious paranoia gave me the edge I need. By combining a yellow base with a piece of paper as the medium, I was able to create a shock alarm. Not very useful as a whole, but I ripped the paper in half so the signal would transmit to both pieces once the seal was broken. Ivan broke that seal, and now I must go to that wretched section of frozen hell and destroy all the remaining inventory of that tower.

Destral trudges on in silence, knowing the trip might take a full week to complete.
A wave of intense danger sweeps through my clothes and pierces my spine, forcing me to stiffen up and look around me habitually. Relaxing after a few minutes, I ponder my current situation calmy. Hiding my presence would most definitely prove useful, but how? I look frantically through my notes for a way to conceal my presence. After 20 minutes of vigorous searching, I throw myself back onto my hands, leaning back and looking up, hoping the heavens hold the answers I desperately need. A single raindrop speeds through the air and disintigrates into a million tiny pieces when it comes in contact with my forehead. Ivan, you're a fool for not realizing this already. Of course! Water reflects, so it can be used as a rudimentary invisibility cloak.

Rustling around the tower and picking up some buckets was my first task, and easily completed. I quickly drew the symbol for water as my base on the bottom of each bucket before filling them with water and digging holes to drop them in around the perimeter of the tower. Before concealing them underground, I filled as much of the outer surface of the bucket with a giant symbol for gravity and a half sphere above it, hoping it would go as planned and create the bubble I was hoping for. I left them exposed for the experiment and was distraught when all the water did was float gradually above the bucket. I quickly erased the gravity markings and instead wrote a mathematical equation that graphed out the half sphere I was trying to achieve, making sure each bucket had a slightly different equation to match it's orientation towards the center of the tower. In order to give it the characteristic of gravity, I wrote the entire equation in gravity's color, purple.

After working tirelessly for 2 hours, I started to see the fruits of my labor as the first bucket I had put the equation on started slowly creeping upwards to the top of the tower, and as I looked around I was astonished as the entire area was being consumed by water. I ran out of small opening in the halfsphere to observe the outsider's point of view, and I didn't even see the tower. Reaching my hand out to touch the sphere, I noted that it was easily run into, but from a bird's eye it was impossible to tell. I slipped back in before the halfsphere was completed and finished up by dropping the buckets into their designated hiding places.
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Not the first chapter yet :p read the rest though. Pretty good
Why thank you. If you'd like it to go in any certain direction, posting it here for me to reference back to is a great way. I guess you could say it's kind of an interactive story while still sticking to its roots when necessary?
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