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Aiden's Re-Introduction Thread!

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Welcome to my introduction thread! Some of you might know throughout the community and some of you don't, but in case you want to learn a lot more about me than you already know this is the thread to read over. I hope I can answer some of your questions you may have about me. So get your popcorn, recorder or your horse and enjoy Aiden's Introduction Thread! Let's get started!!!!
I was born on May 23rd on the year 2004 in British Columbia, Canada with a very clean body, I later found out that I was the most clean baby in the world! I honestly think that's where I should start my childhood days, with my first huge acconplishment of my life, and it took less than a year to accomplish! I didn't understand what that meant at first because I was too young to understand what it meant but I was again told when I turned six years old and I understood it, when I was eleven years old I got to try woodwork for the very first time with assistance from my woodwork teacher, and I totally fell in love with it and never stopped wanting to do it. I was introduced to soccer when I was only two years old. I was introduced to introduced to hockey when I was only one years old, hockey to me is a time to watch some fantasy and enjoyable televised sports, soccer basically comes second my list of all time favourite sports. Another thing that I met for the first time in my life was when I first went to the place that I would live for most of my life, it is considered to me "home" I also met the person who was going to help me through tough times and good times, my best friend, who is exactly two months and fifteen days older than me, his birthday is coming up on March 8th. That wraps up my childhood days part of my introduction, let's move on to my hobbies!
I am a very athletic human being, I enjoy participating in hockey, soccer, basketball, and rugby most of the time, and I love to watch football, and golf, I do join a lot of different school activities, but I usually enrol myself in sports because I feel like I can start to be introduced to new sports, I am not just an athletic person, I am also a rough and tough human being, I have once tackled a person so hard in the middle of a rugby game that I injured his head quite a bit, I admit, I find that regretful to myself. I currently plan to join my school track and field team during next years season, I love to participate in sprints and relays, I believe that relays help me to communicate with other people more, and sprints, because, I am quite competitive, and I tend to continue to deal with that fact. That wraps up the hobbies section, let's get moving on to my personality!
There is pretty much about three words that can describe me the best and they are athletic, shy and quiet sometimes. I do like to meet people and share a little about me to them so they can get to know me better as a person and as a Desteria player. I am very, very, very short, the last time I measured my height I was 4'8 or something around those lines. So if you have seen a selfie of myself, you would realize that I am very short, I was the shortest kid in all of my classes, clubs and sports from preschool until the present/current day which is indeed today. My selfies have only been posted about twice or three times, so I do not believe that many people have noticed who I look like. I don't really take peoples insults about me personally, I just try to let it slide off my back to that nothing starts up thats going to be hurting anyone. I don't like getting mad at anyone ever, but at some point someone makes me so upset or mad that it's too much for me to handle, but that hardly ever happens. I love to answer questions from anyone! Both in reality and in-game because I like to support peoples future and not just ignore them and let them get stuck and have no idea what the concept of the assignment is because he had no one to help him and answer is question. That wraps up my personality section of my introduction, let's move on to my friends/pets!
I have quite a lot of friends both in reality and in Desteria, I want to say that I am very thankful for everything and everyone that supports me throughout my hard days and good days, there are so many friends that I could list but I would eventually forget about half of them half way through my listings, so I'd just like to show some appreciation to all my friends! I used to have two cats named Beans and Piper, my family got them 5 years before I was born, in 1999, Beans wasn't a demosticated cat and Piper was, Beans was once caught being a pack of racoons and he actually managed to fight them off, Piper doesn't get into that kind of trouble because she is demosticated. Beans passed away on December 9th, 2012 the same day my father got into a horrible car accident that left him with a concussion and had to stay off work for one year. Piper's death was a little more dramatic for me as I went looking for her on August 21st, 2014 and found her lying down on the pathway with bugs swarming around her, I ran inside my house and brought my Dad and his brother outside and the three of us had to but her body into her cage, it was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. It happened when I was thirteen years old. That wraps up my Friends/Pets section of my introduction, let's move on to Minecraft!
I was introduced to Minecraft through a friend and he was playing Desteria and it looked really fun to me so after watching him play Minecraft for about two weeks I asked if I could try, I only did singleplayer so I could get the hang of it, then after discussing between me and my friend on September 24th, 2014 after school I purchased and created my first Minecraft account, I named my original username aid20. I also joined Desteria that same day and started my journey on Minecraft from there, at first I wasn't good at stuff like PvP and raiding but I was pretty decent at building bases and stuff like that. I met a bunch of nice people during my first week on Desteria such as Lucy and Arad. I got the hang of Desteria after one and a half weeks of playing on Desteria and decided to start practicing stuff and getting better at Desteria so that I wouldn't be that kind of player who always gets insulted because he is not the best at certain stuff. I still enjoy playing Minecraft and Desteria, I do have Minechat, Skype, and Teamspeak and I hop on every so often. Right now as a Desterian I am running for staff of Desteria.That warps up my Minecraft section of my introduction, let's move on to the conclusion of this thread!

I thank you for taking the time to read this thread that I sure hope has made you more aware of who I am, not just someone who plays on Minecraft, but also someone in the real world. I hope you learning more about me and I hope to see you around soon!


I like how original your thread is, nicely done.
Welcome :)
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