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Aiden's Goodbye!

Should I have myself banned from the forums?

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the thread I never wanted to make! Desteria has been a good chunk of my Minecraft life, and I've enjoyed my time here, going for staff, meeting wonderful people, etc. But due to the most recent and biggest changes, I believe that it wouldn't be long until my forums account would be taken away, as I tried to register as my actual birthday on Lemoncloud, but the message popped up as "Sorry, but you are too young to register an account." Like, what the actual hell. I figured it wouldn't be long until they would make that change to here.

Running for staff was one thing that I enjoyed a lot during my time on the server, it let me meet new and different people and I got to interact with lots of people as well, it was honestly one of the best things that I did, and I very much appreciate everyones input that helped and supported me throughout my journey, I honestly couldn't thank every single one of you. So I will say this: If you know your someone who had say in my staff journey, I appreciate it very, very much. Thank you. Although there have been people who have disliked me a lot due to my lies and such, I know it was extremely stupid to do so, but honestly, if you comment any negative stuff, I'll just reply with no retaliation.

During my time here I have met lots and lots of different people who I could actually call my friends, from just meeting them to interacting with them frequently, I couldn't ask for better friends, because nothing would compare to the ones I had here.

This is one of the main reasons as to why this thread was made, I am currently in grade 7, but I have been transferred to new and harder classes, because we have to follow grade 8 work. The first week of school and this week as well has been loaded with homework and I couldn't balance my time with homework and Desteria. I can tell already that this school year will be very overwhelming.

Now, this isn't completely my goodbye, you will still see me checking on the forums as much as I can, but you most likely won't see me in-game at all, if there is something cool such as a new feature in-game, I will do my best to go online and check it out. Remember, I will still be on the forums.

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I will add more later, but for now, goodbye.
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Aw.. Aiden you were a chill dude. Best of luck with school and everything. :)
Later dude.


First post on a goodbye thread. I should be making an introduction...
Anyways, I don't really know you, but it's always sad to see Desterians leaving, but I hope I see you if you ever come back!


I don't think you are too young as I joined minecraft when I was 12.

Never met you but always saw you in forums. You look like a good kid
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