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About Ranks.

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Let's say i play on Auren and Auren is dead , should i not be able to change my rank then to another Realm?
Or maybe u guys shouls make it all 1 realm. idk.


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You can’t change your rank from realm to realm
I think he knows that but wants to suggest this being possible.

Few errors with this would be:
1. As mentioned before it is not possible for Omega to transfer all ranks again, its just too much work.
2. Making one single realm would disable different realms to have different features and more importantly would fill one single realm too much after the reset.


1. As mentioned before it is not possible for Omega to transfer all ranks again, its just too much work.
Last time Omega and Logic realised it was too much for them on their OWN, but they let 3 of us help and we managed to keep on top of it well enough with the 5 of us. Also ranks was easy af because it was automated but it was the other add-ons (fac fly, kits, titles, auras etc) that we were having to transfer over as they were all naturally on Auren. If it happens again it would be even easier because most people will already have their add-ons on their preferred realm from this map, meaning not that many would need to be transferred, as well as a decline in the playerbase meaning there is less players to serve. If Omega works as much as he says he does on desty then it should honestly not be much of an issue for him to deal with them on his own, but if need be he could just get the help of a couple of others like last time and that would easily cover it.

Just thought this might be useful insight from a perspective of someone who was involved in the transferring process last time it happened.


If you make a support ticket and ask omega nicely he may have some spare time to move your rank to the desired realm. He isn't able to do informal things like logic did as he works and he is busy but he gets through support tickets every 2-3 days. There could also be a section on the forums for transfer requests where you put in what specifically you want to be moved to where and it can be done at the next available time
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