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Abliterate Faction Recruitment! [Edain]

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Welome to the Abliterate faction recruitment page! Here, you will find enough resources to maybe consider joining our faction, in this thread, you can find out all our faction rules, the application format to apply for this faction, and our current roster which will be updated on a daily/weekly basis by myself, the head administrator of this faction, my job is to make sure that all faction based stuff that falls into our faction is updated frequently, as this will help us catch up with the recent promotes, demotes, and kicks in our faction. We are a building and PvP based faction that likes to do 1v1s, but we do need some improving with our PvP. We do have two faction bases that all members should have access to. Next up, you will find our rules!

Number one, you need to be online frequently, if you are however going on a vacation and you know you won't be able to get online, you must message me privately on the forums notifying me of your absence.

Number two, once you first join our faction, you will be starting off as a Member, as you gain more trust from me and our leader and co-leader, you will be promoted to a higher rank. Our current ranking system will follow as this:
--> Trustie --> VIP --> Helper --> Moderator --> Management --> Administrator --> Co-Leader --> Leader
So please to not be asking for a promote immediately, as this will put you at risk of your position in the faction.

Number three, only administrators and faction leaders are allowed to go through other members chest, if we see any other members taking peoples stuff, they will be issued their first warning, and a second warning, once that member receives their third warning, they can either receive a huge demotion or even a kick.

Number four, if you log off and you have 4 or less power, you will be kicked until you improve your power, you can always check your power by doing /f power.

Number five, this is the last and one of the most important rules our faction needs to follow, absolutely no flame towards other members of our faction, this can result in an automatic kick.

-IGN (In game name):
-Total amount of in game hours:
-About how long are you online each day?:
-Donation rank(If you have one):
-Previous faction(s). Why did you leave?:
-Have you ever betrayed or scammed anyone. If so how and when?:
Do you have a functioning microphone?
-Rate yourself from 1-10 on your PvP skills*:
-Rate yourself from 1-10 on your building skills:
-Rate yourself from 1-10 on your raiding skills:
-Write a paragraph explaining why we should chose you:
-Friends in the faction:

*= areas in which your PvP will be tested in.

[Leader] zac2606
[Co-Leader] _SwagInABox_
[Administrator] __Aid
[Management] Saym
[Moderator] XxANDREW101xX
[Helper] SmileDieFace
[Helper] goodypop
[Helper] XxDroidPvPxX
[Helper] BittyAwesomeMan
[Helper] ItzNaruto
[Helper] AngieTheKitsune
[Helper] SapphireJay
[Helper] Ikillkelvin
[VIP] Some1OriginsIV
[VIP] TheRedPenguin
[VIP] ChrisLeo
[VIP] joshernator278
[VIP] Seitsemas
[Trustie] lucasg783
[Trustie] Sir_Redstone_
[Trustie] BloodyPhoenixBro
[Trustie] valentinbyggare
[Trustie] ZacInTheBox1
[Trustie] CasperTheLegend
[Member] Mooshroom_timlp
[Member] 123Daniel
[Member] vinhminerninja

We hope to encounter you soon!
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