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✪ FrenZ Faction Applications ✪


Hello Everyone!

to the first time FrenZ has ever opened the faction for applications! We have been around, sneaking under the radar since the old Krynn days. We are an experienced faction with many hours on this server, as well as in factions in general. We are kind hearted to our members, but are vicious to our enemies. We are currently in the top 20 for faction top, and are increasing every day. Our three leaders, FrenZ_BeasT, FrenZ_ScopeZ, and FrenZ_SnipeZ will be looking over the applications. Please be as honest as possible with yourself and us during the application process.

You may be asking yourself, what does it take to
rank up in this faction?
We have come up with a system where you can get
moderator of our faction and use of blaze spawners, chests, warps, and more. All you need to do to rank up is grind up enough money to buy 1 blaze spawner, contact one of the owners, and give them the spawner. This will grant you access to the blaze grind area, and allow you to make a lot of money. Below is an analysis of each rank you can achieve in our faction. Please be sure to look over it carefully.

[Recruit]: Access to /f warp recruit and tier 1 spawners (Below blazes). Needed to rank up: 1 Blaze spawner.

[Member]: Access to blaze spawners & /f warp member. Needed to rank up: 1
IG or Villager spawner.

[]: Access to building/breaking, /f warps, raiding, and selling of helper IG spawner. Needed to rank up: If we feel like you've been doing more than your part for the faction, we will
interview you via Discord.

[Mod]: Access to owner spawners, chests, warps, /f kick, and selling of loot from afk spawners.

Application: (feel free to copy pasta)

Minecraft IGN:

Discord (required):
Rank on server:

Pros about yourself:
Cons about yourself:
Activeness 1-10 & why:
PvP Skills 1-10 & why:
Raiding Skills 1-10 & why:
Leadership qualitites 1-10 & why:
Why you want to join:
What could you bring to our faction:


Thank you guys for applying, we will be checking in periodically to look at new applications, if you get accepted we will message you on discord. Let's get this bread bois!

BTW, our base is still under construction, we have the recruit and member warps set up. Only thing left is the helper and mod/owner sections of our base.



Minecraft IGN: HotSmexyBeach
Age: 6
Discord (required): @Corbin is bad L #8755
Rank on server: tieten

Pros about yourself: I'm hot and sexy. Jk lol
Cons about yourself: I'm just too distracting from my hot looks
Activeness 1-10 & why: 8 cuz I'm online for 5+ hours and can be on whenever u need uwu
PvP Skills 1-10 & why: 6 cuz I can click super duper fast and am the good pvper on Caden #NoComp #BrainForce
Raiding Skills 1-10 & why: 10 I can make a 420 cannon that can outdo any cannon ever
Leadership qualitites 1-10 & why: 2. Look at above responses l0l
Why you want to join: cuz I need a faction
What could you bring to our faction: 50 power

Ez pz 10/10 application