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  1. AbdulXDD


    you got 2 on your account?
  2. AbdulXDD

    Drego Map #1 Winners

  3. AbdulXDD

    Does anyone play...

    Anyone here that used to play Modern Combat 3?
  4. AbdulXDD

    F-Top Rewards Poll

    forcing my faction members to buy me a cape
  5. AbdulXDD

    Pirates & Farmers Raiding Defiance.

    deadass here just to get notified because this **** improving my vocab
  6. AbdulXDD

    Pirates & Farmers Raiding Defiance.

    yeah and?
  7. AbdulXDD

    Pirates & Farmers Raiding Defiance.

    I love how they start coming up with excuses after they got split like 3 times in a day
  8. AbdulXDD

    I will pay someone $1000

    yikes imagine doxing a kid over a blockgame
  9. AbdulXDD

    I will pay someone $1000

    big fail
  10. AbdulXDD

    Pvp Texture Packs

    verzide v5
  11. AbdulXDD

    Top Voters | April

    if you can do that, you should note it down or something like 'you can vote twice a day on this link'. Im pretty sure not much people know this. Consider the time they take out to vote only to get ****ed by some person using this method to gain more votes.
  12. AbdulXDD

    Top Voters | April

    how tf does they have more than 150
  13. AbdulXDD

    my inTroDucion

    that is a very hot anilist but you are still lacking in the way of an anime god
  14. AbdulXDD

    Accident Switch Class

    sell that paladin note 4 the money to level up again
  15. AbdulXDD


    PakiPing - Ping insanely OP gets him reach/ takes 0-delayed KB basically a GOD
  16. AbdulXDD

    What Keeps You Coming Back?

    Boredom plus got a ran sooooo yeh
  17. AbdulXDD

    is my birtday sen me money

    well the money is on my bed if you can just lie down in some underwear you can have it
  18. AbdulXDD

    hacking question

    The irony lmfao