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    what the ****

    come back dad
  2. Onliest

    what the ****

    wOwOW we have a web developer now!!!
  3. Onliest

    True greatest of all time defeats Childish

    Dude nice injects nerd lmfao
  4. Onliest

    Defiance Drego Recruitment

    looks like a john smith/dokucraft mix, i had a similar pack back in the day at it was pretty dope
  5. Onliest

    Explorer Rank Note Giveaway (Besen Only)

    1. Onliest 2. Current Donator Rank (Besen): Titan 3. Why you want the Rank Note: So nobody else can have it 4. Main Realm: Besen/None
  6. Onliest

    This is beyond a joke

    shut up u blackie <3
  7. Onliest

    Suggestion - A couple of small changes

    frick the rules
  8. Onliest

    Defiance Drego Recruitment

    ohdonkeh who?
  9. Onliest

    This is beyond a joke

    That's fair, but I think it assists the newbie players substantially.
  10. Onliest

    This is beyond a joke

    I don't think the drop party crates should be nerfed, I think there should be some method of verification that they're not an alt. Edit: One that you can't bypass I mean..
  11. Onliest

    Server worth playing?

  12. Onliest

    my inTroDucion

    dud my cliking speed is moer thn yor entere familyes age comebined noob xd
  13. Onliest

    Where are you from?

    Hi, I was just curious about where people are from that play Desteria, so I used the 6 continents instead of doing countries since that'd take too long. also, i'm black.
  14. Onliest

    Rant: Cansky

    that's basically what i just said lol
  15. Onliest


    Dude that music used to slap
  16. Onliest

    Rant: Cansky

    Not sure why you care about getting a response out of Omega, but he is quite active on forums. He's likely seen a majority of your recent threads posted, just didn't care enough to reply or didn't have a topic that interested him. Omega does his job very well, however, he does have a life...
  17. Onliest

    Rant: Cansky

    it's not a thread for ilemons scam
  18. Onliest

    Rant: Cansky

    Listen, you may not be well versed in clients, but when you inject a client via injection method and close it down, it immediately shuts down the program. If he's smart about cheating, he would use a flash drive and once his Minecraft has closed and his flash drive is gone, there is virtually no...
  19. Onliest

    New Desteria Parkour Speedrun WR

    wow u can jump!!! noob! you are just jealous u cant jump
  20. Onliest

    Took that Ban like a champ

    oof i wasn't listed but aye, i'll buy you an unban if you want