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  1. Krynogenic

    park or short cuts that de feet the point of park or

    so here you can jump here to here but if u fall off u should have to start from the begining of stage: also this one witch skips a stage or to thanks for read pls add more if found
  2. Krynogenic


  3. Krynogenic

    Account deactivation

    Hello could someone let me know how to deactivate my account? cant find it in settings. Cheers
  4. Krynogenic

    spooper spoopy spelepons

    who ever uploads best cover gets 100000 mill in game, no scam i promise
  5. Krynogenic

    Irl trades

    Cal you sell ingame cash? If so ill sell on krynn: if you want some hmu ig
  6. Krynogenic

    Ambushment returning confirmed!

    baited... Are there any ogs left?
  7. Krynogenic


    I want more music to listen to... hmu with your favourite songs? <3
  8. Krynogenic

    bf1 anyone else gonna be playing out of curiosity? ok
  9. Krynogenic


    Not gonna out all this cringy shiit where i say im gonna miss all of you, because i wont... those who i am friends with know who they are, i will occasionally come on the forums but rarely the server. Minecraft isnt fun anymore so yah pce lol i bet this thread will be neglected
  10. Krynogenic


    ok so i may be a little late to the party but there is now a ****ing swear filter? what the **** lmao are you joking? make a poll for this ****, you are supposed to ask the community not just implement random stuff we never asked for... I've noticed that a large majority forum updates aren't...
  11. Krynogenic

    this is a click bate

    Any ps4 players wanna go for a high round on revalations(black ops 3)? My highest round so far is 69 (no joke) just hmu with psn
  12. Krynogenic


    hi peoples
  13. Krynogenic

    Favourite Scandinavian Country?

    Idk why i'm curious tbh... pointless thread but the curiosity is getting the better of me >.<
  14. Krynogenic


    hi my name is kai... i am making this intro because according to @Laws im a random and i dont want to be one :( i dont play this block game much please be my friends kthnxbai
  15. Krynogenic

    Reporting desteria to Mojang

    Lmao lets see how many people have done this, please tag anyone you know who has reported it xd
  16. Krynogenic

    Rocket League

    Anyone wanna do some 1v1s on RL? Hit me up, tell me if ur pc or ps4 also :)
  17. Krynogenic

    A small rant

    Ok so im reading through the appeals as some of them are ****ing hilarious, and I come across this Now I don't really have a massive issue but what the the point? They are just saying "erhm imma get a higher rank than me to look at this" Whats the...
  18. Krynogenic

    Reset stuff

    How about you actually keep this new reset prepared, a lot of players have spent LOADS of hours for their bases ect. Why bother reset so early? How about we have that reset when we feel its ready? The map isnt dead yet. And given that you reset at a later time you have longer to prepare and...
  19. Krynogenic


    Anyone know why my snapchat isnt working? I can watch vids and **** so i dont think its my internet, I cant send pics or recieve i dont think Ive reset my phone, router, relogged, reinstalled, closed app... Literally everything but it wont work :( Help please I dont wanna loose my streaks
  20. Krynogenic


    Can i have a reward if im the first person to be banned? plez