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  1. Divertido

    We will raid for you

  2. Divertido

    Desteria 2FA

    not quite unnecessary, thoughtful on their end
  3. Divertido

    no u reeee

    no u reeee
  4. Divertido

    Lack of View Distance

    pretty sure theres a chunk view limiter to 4 or something
  5. Divertido

    Defiance running Drego

    same guy applying for staff right here ^
  6. Divertido

    Remove Rule Against Insiding

    ur literally dumb -1
  7. Divertido

    Recruiting for Mayhem Drego

    bootleg fac name
  8. Divertido

    Drego eco fix

    what a shame
  9. Divertido

    TickleToes Staff Application

    +1 has the long boi
  10. Divertido


    i bet she does
  11. Divertido

    Suggestion - Let players talk in non-public chats while they are muted

    +1 why the **** is this not a thing already
  12. Divertido


    eddy isnt even leading wtf is this ****
  13. Divertido

    Drego eco fix

    i havent been on but is there no crop hopper/ does the crop hopper not auto break cane no more?
  14. Divertido

    Desteria: Drego Realm '/printer' Feature

    finally a good addon too bad u took printer off the comp realm and put it on another to get more money
  15. Divertido

    POLL: Should /invsee be removed?

    dont even try for staff kiddo
  16. Divertido

    Reclaiming Ranks

    three replies saying the same thing lol
  17. Divertido

    Desteria: Drego Realm ($3,000 Cash Rewards)

    Wtf lol ur high on lemon zest
  18. Divertido

    Server worth playing?

    Better than last four resets but,
  19. Divertido

    Poll : Mob stack

    Removing mob stack is a great way to lag the server and the player, just increase mob stack to like 500