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    Tournament?!? | Hype |

  2. Debates

    [OFFICIAL] Chaotic Recruitment 6.0 (Looking for members)

    Thats why you applied ... ? Also he isnt a officer nor in the faction, this just shows how loyal would be for the faction :)
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    OG Names Avalible In The Next 12 Hours

    How rare is 'Head' ? How much would it go for
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    Airguy's PvP Montage

    Good montage subbed
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    who still plays

    Not me
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    Razexa sweq thread saying hi

    He is happy now :)
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    Razexa sweq thread saying hi

    Inb4 ban
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    Razexa sweq thread saying hi

    Just putting this here to get alerts so i can read the comments
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    Factions Suggestions

    Agreed a gap a fight or if its too long 2
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    Factions Suggestions

    Good ideas +1
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    Thorns and Fixall

    I also wouldnt mind a cooldown on fix all or something but thorns with fix all is pure bullshit and its so annoying so i say it needs removal.
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    Thorns and Fixall

    I am legend and i completly disagree with this. I am pretty sure there are a lot of players with enough gamesense who are legends that agree that how its annoying and unfair. I i dont like having to do /fix all every minute either. It also makes the armor less valuable for non donors/hero or...
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    SELFIE SUNDAY!?!??!!

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    My best friend on Desteria

    Its not technically him so
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    Drego 1v1 Tounament

    Ign: Debates Also defy's kit looks great , espescially no str pls
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    Tredesivus wasn't Hacking.

    Why lol
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    Tredesivus wasn't Hacking.

    I am :p what was your old name
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    Tredesivus wasn't Hacking.

    Anyone know who is Horakathy|Delta ? Never heard him/her b4
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    Tredesivus wasn't Hacking.

    Yeah auctually thats kinda right lol, Tred has point @Montavy why are there no members of lh in the team