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  1. JMan

    Community Poll | Follow-Up for Obsidian

    I don't think you've got the staff to properly handle the 400 rules you've got already. Unless you can get this implemented into a plugin, the staff team is going to have one hell of a time trying to maintain this thing. Especially considering only certain ranks have the ability and authority to...
  2. JMan

    Hire more staff...

    I'll draw some lines. Whose to say if this is accurate or not: Low staff = Less time when staff are online = Odds of being punished for hacking/cheating/being a **** (oh sorry I forgot this server was sponsored by the Disney Store. I'll use the word "meanie-head" instead) being a meanie-head...
  3. JMan

    True greatest of all time defeats Childish

    How the mighty hath fallen
  4. JMan

    Looking for faction @ Drego

    whaaaaat the
  5. JMan

    Desteria: Drego Realm ($3,000 Cash Rewards)

    Putting that much actual cash on the line is going to turn this server and it's community into a SWATing, DoXing, DoSSing, hacking NIGHTMARE. No doubt in my mind
  6. JMan

    POLL: Should /invsee be removed?

    iLemon is like that dude at dinner that isn't paying attention to group conversation and then butts in with some off the wall sh!t like "Yo, y'all ever think about how Sea World be on some sh!t?"
  7. JMan

    Where the ogs at

  8. JMan

    Top Voters | March

    For what it's worth, I've gotten both my voting codes from Emmy rather than Omega (at least the /mail ingame was from Emmy) I also got my code within an hour or so
  9. JMan

    Top Voters | March

    ez work is ez work @VaultOfCups
  10. JMan

    Suggestion - Add tokens to the little gui on the right side of the screen

    Or at least add your token balance somewhere in the /ts GUI
  11. JMan

    Crop Hoppers

    Have you ever built a cactus farm? It's takes hours and hours. The easier thing to do would be make a grinder. Repetitive tasks that grow monotonous. Examples being, killing mobs by hand (most relevant being blazes), building huge farms, building wraps. That's what the most common "grind" is on...
  12. JMan

    Crop Hoppers

    It seemed to me like a step backward at first. Vanilla farms are bulky, much bigger in coverage, and very likely offsight builds away from your base. Crop Hoppers limited the sizes of farms because you had to have a collection point in every chunk. You'll probably make more money with an...
  13. JMan

    Highs and Lows

    High: Crates are still just as OP as ever Low: The lack of crop hoppers makes farming an offsite task.
  14. JMan

    Incoming Purge!

  15. JMan

    This is a sad day for J

    Update! So, there was an exploit in-game that gave people infinite crates! lol. Crates were promptly and intentionally disabled globally to keep people from getting rank notes that would carry over to the next reset. As a nasty side-effect, ALL crates were disabled. Rendering all my work, and...
  16. JMan

    This is a sad day for J

    Wait wait. So like.. I just voted again and now the crates work? lmao what? **** it. The video is still funny
  17. JMan

    This is a sad day for J

    So you can watch the video to understand, but long story short, I have hundreds of voting crates and apparently you cant open crates during the purge :/ God. ****ing. Damnit.... (I also had 58 crates on Auren and 127 crates on Caden) @iLemon why'd you do this to me? :( (So my video got a...
  18. JMan

    Count to a number before staff post!

    This might be the only way you can post farm and nobody gets upset ... ... ... 1
  19. JMan

    lmao. Hope you're doing well these days man

    lmao. Hope you're doing well these days man
  20. JMan

    Thought you should see this :^) lmao...

    Thought you should see this :^) lmao