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  1. Lucy

    Count to a number before staff post!

    that- that is not how this game works xD 0
  2. Lucy

    Desteria Store

    Hello, if you have an issue with a purchase please submit a support ticket here for admins to handle it. Sometimes a purchase can take longer so be sure to wait up to an hour to see whether it may come through.
  3. Lucy

    Have Grace period after NEX event

    Well, this IS a factions pvp server. We want to increase competition and pvp, so making NEX entirely pve ruins one of the big pvp events we have.
  4. Lucy

    Count to a number before staff post!

  5. Lucy

    Count to a number before staff post!

  6. Lucy

    Count to a number before staff post!

  7. Lucy

    Count to a number before staff post!

  8. Lucy

    F-Top Rewards Poll

    I'd just buy a ****ton of fruits cause I'm already happy with what I've got. o and maybe buy my boyfriend an electric bike cuz he's wanted one forever
  9. Lucy

    Personality Test: Part 2 works for me
  10. Lucy

    Peaceful Factions

    Nope, sorry peaceful factions are disabled on Desteria.
  11. Lucy

    Glitch with gapples going on cooldown but doing nothing?

    If you find a bug please create a support ticket here: I personally haven't encountered that bug yet but I'll make sure to test it.
  12. Lucy

    Ender Chest Glitch???

    Hey there, do you have any evidence of when you had the spawners and stuff to when it disappeared? Also please direct any bugs to a bug support ticket
  13. Lucy

    Does lightning mcqueen have health insurance or car insurance

    "Lightning McQueen can only have health insurance. Because he is a competitive race car and competitive racing is excluded in most (if not all) car insurance policies." I hope that answers your question! Source...
  14. Lucy

    Report On Private

    As Bon said, please post the reports in the reports section. I'll be locking this.
  15. Lucy

    Suggestion - Entice us into gambling

    I'd much rather know if there's actually something in the pot to win rather than a notification. Perhaps it could be combined to have a message at 30 and one at 15 that says something along the lines of "There is (number) in the pot. /lot to buy a ticket!"
  16. Lucy

    [Suggestion] Re-Introduce Crop Hoppers

    Crop hoppers were removed to move focus from farms to spawner economies. Makes raiding more useful yaknow, cause you're not just blasting sugarcane or cactus but actual spawners. Imo it's fine like this, there's plenty of ways to get money for spawners so crops aren't that needed anyways.
  17. Lucy

    it a thing, hiya wulfy <3

    it a thing, hiya wulfy <3
  18. Lucy

    Rank/Kit Transferred

    We don't do that stuff unless you accidentally chose the wrong realm.
  19. Lucy

    Suggestion - Entice us into gambling

    There's literally already a notification for when someone buys a lottery ticket. Any more lottery announcements are just unnecessary and spammy. Imo not important enough to spam my chat even more. Timers like these would be more appropriate for pvp events but not for a lottery.
  20. Lucy

    Add more color selections for tags.

    Dark blue (&1) and Dark grey (&8) are a bit too dark for chat imo but +1 to the other colors, no reason for them to not be added imo. Makes chat more colourful \o/