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  1. ohsmack

    Oreo does paint

    i still like yours better ;)
  2. ohsmack

    Oreo does paint

    looks clean
  3. ohsmack

    Looking for faction @ Drego

  4. ohsmack

    Where the ogs at

    just made my forums account today actually!
  5. ohsmack

    What the nut?

    clearly took what i said the wrong way and out of context
  6. ohsmack

    Costy's Event Team Application

    easy +1, would be a great addition to the team
  7. ohsmack

    Bowhopper's Next Mini Event

    it'll be fun hosting this together bbg
  8. ohsmack

    ohsmack's Event Team Application

    wdym you flooded my dms saying to link you my app because it would mean the world to you if you could +1 it????
  9. ohsmack

    To everyone afflicted by my past staffing

    your pfp hurts me internally
  10. ohsmack

    Happy Birthday!

    well its me lmaoo
  11. ohsmack

    koth top

    didnt your base get split like this +
  12. ohsmack

    ohsmack's Event Team Application

    Personal Information What's your IGN? ohsmack What's your Discord ID? Smack#7559 What timezone are you in? CST Building Section Are you interested in building? Yes Please list a building 'style' that most accurately describes your own. I'm good at decorating and just making some things...
  13. ohsmack

    koth top

    i helped smh
  14. ohsmack

    Happy Birthday!

    yeah you didnt know?
  15. ohsmack

    The heroic mineman is unbanned, what shall he do next

    im unbanned boys ;)
  16. ohsmack

    Happy Birthday!

    thank you and @OhLights ill try not too ;)
  17. ohsmack

    Cheers to 5 Years! Desteria Meme Creation and Collection Event

    ;) they got split pretty bad my foundation is still up if anyone wants to donate
  18. ohsmack

    They are adding n-word pass to shop!!!!

    it was yes and then double yes but someone changed it
  19. ohsmack

    Suggestion - Actually use good suggestions

    @Omega dont change it to no when it was clearly DOUBLE YES
  20. ohsmack

    They are adding n-word pass to shop!!!!

    someone took away double yes and added no, wtf