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  1. iLemon

    Drego Map #1 Winners

    Greetings Desterians! Drego realm Map #1 has ended as of Saturday 18th May at 3 PM EST, and so it's time to congratulate the winners! :1st:1st Place: Pirates: $1,000 USD PayPal & $200 Store Gift Card :2nd:2nd Place: Farmers: $500 USD PayPal & $200 Store Gift Card :third:3rd Place: Yaky: $250...
  2. iLemon

    POLL: Should anti-patch cannoning be enabled?

    Greetings Desterians! With our Fortified Walls feature, anti patch cannoning doesn't work due to the fortified wall explosion cooldown. However we have managed to code a fix to make them work with Fortified Walls and are prepared to enable this either now, at the start of Map 2, or never. So...
  3. iLemon

    Desteria 2FA

    Greetings Desterians, Today we're releasing a security update to help protect user accounts from being breached and items being stolen or insiding attempts being made. When you next connect to, you'll be presented with a Security Alert: If you don't already know what 2FA is...
  4. iLemon

    Top Voters | April

    You can vote twice a day on the 3rd voting link.
  5. iLemon


  6. iLemon

    slick new forums

    We're rolling out other stuff like a new portal page at just now. We're taking all the feedback and will resolve anything ASAP. :p
  7. iLemon

    slick new forums

    Feel free to provide more feedback on the new forums for @NikolovDZN :D
  8. iLemon

    All Realms - Harvest Hoes

    Hey, we pushed some updates today to improve the trench tools. See #updates in Discord. The new harvestor hoe item has been added to the other realms.
  9. iLemon

    Just a meme

    I'll reply to this to backup what I've said in the Discord. We do in fact win 99% of chargebacks. Your case was a single anomaly it seems. We no longer hire the fraud manager because we're using a new PayPal intergration where it automates it all for us. You bought at a lucky time in the period...
  10. iLemon

    Desteria: Drego Realm '/printer' Feature

    Yeah, of course!
  11. iLemon

    Desteria: Drego Realm '/printer' Feature

    Drego's '/printer' Feature New printing feature explained With the launch of Drego in under 24 hours, this post explains its new /printer feature for anybody who hasn't used it before. If you want to learn more about the Printer mod, please read our 'A Comprehensive Guide to Printer; the...
  12. iLemon

    Desteria: Drego Realm ($3,000 Cash Rewards)

    It's a small expense based on a server of this size's normal expenses so yes the prizes are confirmed (we wouldn't announce this otherwise) We've got more plans for this and are in contact with Badlion to make Drego BAC-only (Badlion Anti Cheat) for a future map (ideally Map 2), depending on...
  13. iLemon

    POLL: Drego cannon speed limit

    Greetings Desterians! Some factions have argued that the 1.5sec cannon speed limit for Drego is too fast so please vote on this poll if you'd prefer either 1.5s or 2s. Should the Drego cannon speed be 1.5sec or 2sec? ----- The poll will remain open for 3 days. Poll results might not reflect...
  14. iLemon

    Desteria: Drego Realm ($3,000 Cash Rewards)

    Drego Realm: Map 1 Our hyper-competitive experience Following the success of Desteria 'Plus' Season 2, we're excited to announce Desteria's debut competitive realm which we're naming Drego Drego contains all of Desteria's features as you know them, but transforms the gameplay into a highly...
  15. iLemon

    POLL: Should /invsee be removed?

    Greetings Desterians! One of our class perks is giving players access to the /invsee <player> command which lets people see what is in your inventory whenever they want. Some players have voiced opinions that this should be removed. Should /invsee be removed? ----- The poll will remain open...
  16. iLemon

    "fix" blazes

    The stack has been increased to 100 (effective next reboot)
  17. iLemon


    The music should still be there if you have server resource packs enabled
  18. iLemon


    I see an issue where it fails to download the server resource pack. I'll fix this ASAP and the music will be back.
  19. iLemon

    New Desteria Parkour Speedrun WR

    This is pretty much a bug report :ROFL: