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    Fortified Walls

    This is an intersting concept
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    POLL: Should /invsee be removed?

    I dont think so because this way it is harder for people to troll in pvp.
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    chat commands like /ff

    i think they should have more hints on /help it would make the game a lot easier.
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    POLL: Drego cannon speed limit

    I think that it should be 1.5 because then it would make it harder to defend against thus making it more competitive
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    Easter Event

    This would be so cool!
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    Fix KoTH.

    i agree with this
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    Desteria: Drego Realm '/printer' Feature

    This is pretty cool
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    Suggestion - One drop party crate per ip

    The crates are fine just the way they are.
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    This is beyond a joke

    I disagree with this. If they weren't overpowered new players wouldn't be able to even stand a chance against the other players.
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    We need to do something

    i completely agree with this. The other day this guy was spamming the chat about racist things.
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    Will Drego realm crash and burn?

    While I partially agree with you, I also think that it wouldn't repel new players at all because if they didn't want a super competitive realm then they could just go to a different realm.
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    Desteria: Drego Realm ($3,000 Cash Rewards)

    This is going to be so fun to play on! This is going to be so fun!