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  1. Ace

    Personality Test: Part 2

    Only old staff and current staff are doing this.
  2. Ace

    GG Fakebois

    Who said it better?
  3. Ace

    Out of Context Chat Messages

    Good guy Ace, just trying to snitch on people.
  4. Ace

    Pirates & Farmers Raiding Defiance.

    Small **** energy Small **** vibes
  5. Ace

    Defiance bAsE tOuR!

    Imagine putting your roof art upside down.
  6. Ace

    Defiance bAsE tOuR!

    Damn gg, watch your walls though
  7. Ace

    Too Many Rules

    Those were rhetorical questions. Obviously no one is exploiting b**** claims. That's not why the rule was changed. I guess I'll make it even more ridiculous just for you, so you understand I'm trying to make a point next time. Since you want to answer my meme questions, here, answer some real...
  8. Ace

    Too Many Rules

    Oh really? How were people 'exploiting' the original nuisance claim rule, so much so, that it was not 'feasible' to remove them after grace? Your admins can't handle faction reports?
  9. Ace

    Syrax Client [BETA RELEASE] | Free Factions Bot

    Emperio > Carbon
  10. Ace


  11. Ace

    Vote for your favorite staff!

    Lucy, Rain, and Moonfish if he was active.
  12. Ace

    Out of Context Chat Messages

  13. Ace

    Desteria 2FA

    Thanks Umay :mad:
  14. Ace

    Suggestion - F-Top Calculation Suggestion

    -1 This would remove the entire point of raiding.
  15. Ace

    dont be marcus

    Well, no ****.
  16. Ace

    Remove Rule Against Insiding

  17. Ace

    Auren Anarchy Song Ft. LambChops

    Your defualt texture pack irritates me.
  18. Ace

    Make a /f fly command for those who bought faction fly

    Yes, so you then move into another claimed chunk and your fly will update. There is no delay.
  19. Ace

    Make a /f fly command for those who bought faction fly

    There is no delay. You just move to another claimed chunk.
  20. Ace

    Staff Wave | May

    The Lewis kid told me in vc that he didn't want staff and is surprised he got it. Lmao