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  1. tyscreeper

    Drego Map #1 Winners

    no one was recording because it was all kind of thrown together lol
  2. tyscreeper

    Drego Map #1 Winners

  3. tyscreeper

    Count to a number before staff post!

  4. tyscreeper

    POLL: Should anti-patch cannoning be enabled?

    And the only reason you're voting for them is because you're leaving.
  5. tyscreeper

    POLL: Should anti-patch cannoning be enabled?

    You chose to raid them. You didnt have to.
  6. tyscreeper

    Pirates & Farmers Raiding Defiance.

  7. tyscreeper

    I will pay someone $1000

    Currently this man is blacklisted
  8. tyscreeper

    POLL: Should anti-patch cannoning be enabled?

    This would be something that would be added to only drego since AP cannons are even more competitive. -1 Anti Patch cannons are almost impossible to defend against even with a lot of people online. This will force everyone to just hide f top and make the server very boring.
  9. tyscreeper

    Blorbin and LambChops are Kewl

    I dont think I can beat that design
  10. tyscreeper

    Decrease tnt price on drego

    Tnt is more expensive on drego due to it being 2 second walls instead of 3.
  11. tyscreeper

    General Factions Update

    I disagree with #2. This will make free cam cegging much easier. #3 used to be a thing but everyone just evaded it. #4 already exists. I agree with #6 completely. And I dont see a problem with the rules at the moment. They're not that long and I get why the trapping rules are there because you...
  12. tyscreeper

    Desteria 2FA

    Recently a few factions have been insided due to their accounts getting hacked or used by other people. This way that wont happen.
  13. tyscreeper

    Desteria 2FA

    They've had it for staff for a while now. They're just adding it for players.
  14. tyscreeper

    iLemon's irl photo LOL

    I think its been 2 weeks since the movie came out, but I still dont know if this is allowed. Either way it's not very nice to ruin movies for others so please refrain from doing so.
  15. tyscreeper

    Hey guys I'm returning to desteria.

    Welcome back. I think I remember you. My faction is currently recruiting. This is the recruitment thread for you to apply.
  16. tyscreeper

    The newly added limit to killing mobs

    You are playing on 1.9+. It is recommended to play on 1.8.9 or 1.7.10 so you dont have these incompatibility issues. With 1.9 minecraft added a maximum hit speed to weapons to slow down pvp. However desteria is based on 1.8.9 so that pvp is still the way it is used to be. That is why your sword...
  17. tyscreeper

    desteria event

    I agree that there should be more events but part of the problem is that they are running out of ideas.