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    RaidAlerts duping exposed.

    Where’s the proof? :o
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    Suggestion - Unban//unblacklist

    +1 at least give blacklisted people the chance to buy an unban if u don’t want to unban them (don’t make me buy unbans for multiple accounts tho lol...)
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    Message from ex Moderator WuYi ~~~

    Simon is thicc In Memory of RaidAlerts :( sosadbro
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    WuYi's Apology

    Unblacklist me too while ur at it ☹️
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    WuYi's Apology

    So true
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    WuYi's Apology

    Damn... your hot af @WuYi That's great bro
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    Suggestion - Why There Should Be An Unban All (In Depth)

    +1 Desteria needs more players and more competition... Must be boring if pirates dominate the whole server Or at least unblacklist me so I can appeal? :) I'm a very kind wittle man
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    Make insiding bannable again...

    Ur inside is irrelevant. You TooDumbToInside... we got 2bil again lol
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    Raid Alerts Split?

    Bypassed with a cannon? Since when does ''cannon'' stand for an insider that was only able to inside because desterias plugins are broken?
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    Black people should be allowed to say the N word in public chat

    So you want everyone that says it to send a picture of themselves? lol Just dont say it... Cant be so hard... I understand that you are growing up under very bad conditions in a miserable social environment, you can still try to behave and talk like a civilzed human being.
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    Black people should be allowed to say the N word in public chat

    Clearly your the one being dumb here... First of all, why would black people be allowed to say the n word and white people arent allowed to? Isnt that somehow discrimination? Second, its an online game and everyone will just spam the n word in chat and say they are black to not be muted. This...
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    last time i checked i only saw paypal :O
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    I suggested g2a since they have many different ways to pay (which PayPal doesn't have). Some while ago you still had the paymentwall which also allowed prepaid cards. Why did that get removed? @Jok Looks like u already added what I wanted Last time I checked u only had PayPal. Sorry
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    Add G2A Payment method

    As the title already says, my suggestion is to add G2A Pay as a payment method. This way more people (not everyone has paypal) will be able to improve their gameplay by buying things off of the store. Of cause this will help the server a lot too!
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    Losing Rank and Overlord Kit/Command

    Same problem here :) They said you should make a support ticket
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    The new announcement (poll)

    We could probably all get our money back because we're not getting what we wanted for the money we spent on this server... I don't think their just allowed to change it all
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    The new announcement (poll)

    Nobod likes u @iLemon just end it and jump off a bridge (into the water and practice swimming a lot to become a professional swimmer! You can win tournaments and make more money than with your awesome minecraft servers