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  1. Subtact

    Where is 21 Savage From?

    Where he be from though ? ? ?
  2. Subtact

    Sad Reacts

    Is it possible to add sad reacts as a possible reaction for Desteria Forums/Minecraft XenForo forums. I enjoy sad reacting and I think it will truly transform the forum experience here (and I am not even trolling).
  3. Subtact


    I'm quitting this ****. Cuz Desty went down the drain and now it's going up and I ain't waiting for it to go up. I'm in freaking high school:Clubs, Sports, Band... They all take time so I ain't gonna spend too much time on loose end distractions. Don't worry i always love desty and I'll always...
  4. Subtact

    I miss everyone

    i miss everyone who was on the staff team b4 @iLemon They will always be remembered by me... Except of course @Ambushment Btw this is a tribute thread for @JMan cuz I still don't know if he'll stay on the staff team, but I want him too
  5. Subtact

    TF is going on

    K I get it new management is from Lemon Cloud... But banning @DanDan for not being loyal when he was here from 1.0 = Watching Holocaust documentaries as the main attraction at six year old birthday parties. And who TF is saying badty ain't loyal. Oh wait it's just a bunch of Lemon Cloud peeps...
  6. Subtact

    Best DJ Ever

    Choose who your favorite DJ is from the options below... And give a reason! A. Calvin Harris B. David Guetta C. I guess Major Lazer counts D. Skrillex E. DJ Khaled F. DJ Snake G. DJ Mustard H. Young Metro (kinda is) And saving the best for last... I. Our very own DJ NEON. @Australia
  7. Subtact

    Hi I'm relevant

    Template: Hey everyone, welcome to my introduction thread! I've been playing Desteria for [FILL].. and it's about time I introduced myself to everyone! My first name is [FILL]and I love playing [FILL]. I found Desteria through [FILL], and I love playing it because [FILL]. My favorite thing to do...
  8. Subtact

    Top staff lists

    Fame, shame, whatever's your game (ooh I'm rapping), doesn't matter on this thread. This thread is to not only honor and respect the staff members who work/worked hard for this server, but also to show staff members who will always be remembered in Desterian history for how short they were...
  9. Subtact

    Please Read. I want helper

    Yo all you peeps from LemonCloud. Hurry up and get more helpers. K. Don't be dumbasses and get @Zack & @iZip into the ****ing staff team. Zack is perfect for this server and exhibits all the correct qualities. iZip is the same, but he's been applying since November 2015 and still didn't get a...
  10. Subtact


    Wtf does @CrazyWolfmanMC do in game. On forums he seems not that good of a staff, but idk how he is in game. (His app is fire tho)
  11. Subtact

    Hi I'm John Morin

    Hi, my name is John (ZexyZek), and I'm new around here :) On my quest to find a server to make a new factions series on, I stumbled across this server... I was surprised by it's factions-based custom features and it's pretty cool community, so I will be playing on this server quite a bit in the...
  12. Subtact

    Captain Phasma edit?

    How good is the design (file down below). Give honest review, and maybe even some tips and tricks. Note: I didn't use Photoshop so don't give EXACT review, just more like a GENERIC one I have Ps and Adobe Creative Cloud, but I just wanted to try something differently on my iPad and more...
  13. Subtact

    Pay me one dollar IRL

    everyone please pay me one IRL dollar or else I will go to Mineteria
  14. Subtact

    Who do you think did 9/11

    i think it was Donald Trump
  15. Subtact


    OR WHATEVER THAT SERVER NAME IS Who knows, maybe if you talk about it @Ambushment would hit you up with the follow, make you staff, pay you money, and all other kinds of ****. I love Mineteria. It is the best in the world Please make me mod @Ambushment @Porridge33
  16. Subtact

    This is my future

  17. Subtact

    The Harsh Truth

    This server isn't doing well... It's doing ****... And the only way we can change that is if @Ambushment actually listens to the players. Not the staff members, not the developers, but the players, and what they want. It's up to the two owners and then the developers to see what is possible and...
  18. Subtact

    We should hire William Hung as our advertiser.

    watch this guy. He is dope.
  19. Subtact

    Desteria theme song?

    best theme song for Desteria. I think Desteria can get a lot of advertising off this. @Brexit
  20. Subtact

    Random Player Contest Sign Up

    My friend @jqbird gave me an amazing idea of creating a Random Player Contest, just like how he did one fr the staff. If you want to see the staff game, please visit The game has been over and congratulations to @Provision. Note that this is not the...