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  1. Cowability

    Suggestion thread // Rules // Classes // etc.

    Desteria Suggestions Revamp of the rules: Malicious links (More specifically **** links only) need to be moved to tier 2. Racist, homophobic language should be moved to tier 1: Example: Player: Sup my n****** Staff: Refrain from using such language please! In modern society, this...
  2. Cowability

    Cowability's most amazing re-introduction

    Who am I? In-game name: Cowability, others may have known me as Random_ass_cow, TheFlamingCow01, jackdaniels01, JackTheOreoCow ... anything with cow in it basically. Age: 16 About me: I joined desteria a long long time ago. Back in 2014 when the server was only 2.0. I continued playing the...
  3. Cowability

    Henric's dating page (cause he's desp)

    Hello and welcome everyone. In a recent Skype chat I discovered that Henric has no friends (understandable) and is lonely. Like it the song 7 years old, ye no... forget that. Anyways without further a do, I decided to take matters into my own hands and get this man a lady (or anything that...
  4. Cowability

    The war of the cows!

    Welcome Desterians and robots cause there's always like 50 on the forums for some reason, Well lets get straight to it! In my recent absence @Leins took over as Leading cow and is now refusing to stand down. So a war had been declared. Who will be the almighty cow? The war is community...
  5. Cowability

    The war of the cows!

    Forgot the poll, go here
  6. Cowability

    A thread of upmost importance

    Well, to start off let's just say, Happy Potato day cause their jealous of the pies. Anyway, so like ye. Can auto correct be added to shout box. Cause like ye I look specal without auto correct (and in general) Anyway thank you for like reading the title at least <3
  7. Cowability


    Like seriously. Wasn't it supposed to come out in may / june or something. @Ambushment @Eraze what happened to the whole mineteria thing?
  8. Cowability

    I'm gay

    Sorry guys @Luci aka Folmer is forcing me to be gay. And wants me to make a thread. So ye, I'm now officially gay.
  9. Cowability


    Ok as you can tell from the title, I am leaving ... Now I'm not just leaving desteria, I'm leaving Skype/mc in general So this is farewell to all, but I'm not gonna get into reasons, I'm not the informative type of guy ;p @Hanna @MrGray @Robert @Bethy @Cap @PinkRangerFtw @Beard @Tally...
  10. Cowability

    My resignation [for good]

    Ok guys, I am resigning for good this time. So I might come back in the late future, but I doubt it. Anyway let's get into the reasons as to which I am resigning. 1) Basically as much as people say "just wait for 5.0" or "we have eraze now, give him a chance" Desteria is just not fun anymore...
  11. Cowability

    My resignation

    ok, I cba writing a whole post. But ye, I resign. There's a few reasons why, but ya don't need to know them ;) Anyways kthxbai for now peeps
  12. Cowability

    In need of profile pic (paying 100k on sepre)

    OK, I am in need of a new profile picture. Now the design to it I will describe below. Basically I want something with my name on it and it must have a cow. Got to have a cow to matter what. No cow, no cash. Much like this one, but just maybe a bit different :p As the title says, who ever...
  13. Cowability

    Random_ass_cow (must read)

    Ok, so since name changes came out I changed my name to Random_ass_cow. Soon after that I found out that if anyone messaged me or said my name in chat (only if your a low rank), you would get muted. Now sadly after asking @Reability there was nothing I could do to change this or stop this from...
  14. Cowability

    My story for reabs competition Part 2

    Continuing part one ( ) He invited them all to breakfast that morning and asked if they has seen him. They weren't sure whether to tell the truth , but they didn't want to risk any more lives. Luckily the elder knew how to kill him. There was a house...
  15. Cowability

    My story for reabs competition.

    This is my story. It is a story of 4 men who lived in a house in the land of minecraft. But for a few days this strange person had been appearing. Who was this person? Read on to find out @Reability @Hanna540 Somewhere far is the land of minecraft, four men had survived the apocalypse. They...
  16. Cowability

    How can I improve?

    For those of you that don't know, I was given the chance as a helper round about the 20th of december (not exact). I am still learning as a helper and I would like to see how you guys think I could improve myself. This could be anything from how I act to you as a person, or how I act in game...
  17. Cowability

    The story of the immortals

    It was the 5th of November 1698 (that's right, ambushment is really 316 years old and I'm 313 years of age :p). He was only 17 years old and he was forced to lead a group of men into battle, he was one of the 7 kings and I was the White Knight. No one had ever seen me in the flesh other than...
  18. Cowability

    Realm trading (all to sepre)

    Go here :p
  19. Cowability


    This is a story of love, pain and sadness :( I had a horse named TheFlamingHorse. This horse was found by @StarMiti. I spent years with this horse. He became my child, my blood and sweat. We spent day after day adventuring the desterian lands. We had claimed everything and anything until one...
  20. Cowability

    My Amazingggggg intro, bit late :p <3

    The moment you have all been waiting for. MY INTRO :D HOBBIES: Well I have a few hobbies :p 1) Desteria (that's more of an addiction) 2) Football (Best goal keeper in da school :p) 3) Rugby 4)Cadets (Not sure if most of you will know what it is) 5)Shooting (Don't worry, I don't shoot animals...