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  1. Jnf

    Demote omega

  2. Jnf

    Omega should'nt be manager.

    Hey 46 votes to get rid of him but jack **** will be done anyway!
  3. Jnf

    Omega should'nt be manager.

    Only reason you say that is because Tea let you do whatever the you wanted lmao (as you say he barley did anything) But Logic was the "boss" Above you and didn't let you do whatever you wanted so you didn't like that.
  4. Jnf

    Omega should'nt be manager.

    He shouldn't be manager this thread just shows why less than a day and look at all the comments. Most of them have valid points
  5. Jnf

    Please dont charge back iLemon

  6. Jnf

    Abushment or iLemon

    If ye vote for Ambushment ye are just dumb
  7. Jnf

    Drego Map #3 Winners

    Are you really **** talking ? LOL
  8. Jnf

    Drego Map #3 Winners

    Wtf? Our name is RaidAlerts we want our #RaidAlerts title since we never got a title for last map
  9. Jnf

    Custom enchants added to besen(besen pvp is ruined)

    Remove P10 keep the p5 but add these enchants to the armour so it's still worth, perm speed 2 Boots, Perm Strenght Chestplate, Perm Health boost Helmet, Perm fire Leggings These are basic vanilla minecraft enchants This keeps pvp good but also makes Zealot still worth to have
  10. Jnf

    Raid Hours

    ABC is 5 second cannons you can patch a full line and go and eat your dinner come back and you still wouldn't be breached.....
  11. Jnf

    Count up to the number of mistakes iLemon has made before he locks this thread!!

    Damn does his balls taste good because you can see it from a mile away you are licking them dry!!!
  12. Jnf

    Bring back ./event ffa

    No1 wants this **** quick fight bullshit ye are trying to do we want the pot pvp that was on event.....Event pvp was actually good and now ye have ruined it, the only good thing desty had left
  13. Jnf


    I just want the pot pvp back ffa is not good at all tbh
  14. Jnf

    @David Stop edating

    @David Stop edating
  15. Jnf

    Guess my number.

    1 100
  16. Jnf

    Desteria Plus 4.0: "Zealot Order" Introduction

    Only reason is because Pirates plays drego when pirates played Besen no1 placed lol
  17. Jnf

    Am I banned?

  18. Jnf

    Best faction in Desteria History

    Lmao they didn't win all the map...They won some of the weeks payouts
  19. Jnf

    PSA: Permanent Divine Ranks Removed

    I literally just got my rank under a week ago so how is it perm that makes no sense? Like wtf? If it was perm wouldn't i have it all map? I didn't tho so how the **** does it make any sense? @iLemon @Omega @Cansky @Emmymerh Look
  20. Jnf

    Best faction in Desteria History

    NGL the fact Chaotic or Lionheart aint got more votes just shows that all the OGS have gone :(