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    I suggested g2a since they have many different ways to pay (which PayPal doesn't have). Some while ago you still had the paymentwall which also allowed prepaid cards. Why did that get removed? @Jok Looks like u already added what I wanted Last time I checked u only had PayPal. Sorry
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    Add G2A Payment method

    As the title already says, my suggestion is to add G2A Pay as a payment method. This way more people (not everyone has paypal) will be able to improve their gameplay by buying things off of the store. Of cause this will help the server a lot too!
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    RIP Desteria?!

    We were all hyped for the new update, expecting @iLemon to accually make some good changes that will prevent the server from dieing... At least he implanted some good things like a GUI shop and f perms... But removing printer will completely kill the server! We wanted people to not be able to...
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    Afking more than 4 alts

    I have a problem: I want to afk more than 4 alts 24/7. Desteria has this thing, that you need to do a captcha for every additional alt once you reach the limit of 4 alts. Its probably some sort of protection against bots. Due to this captcha which i have to do every time i enter a realm, a...
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    Nobody likes poppys :(

    Please remove poppys as a mobdrop! Why dont u make igs drop iron only? Poppys are really anoying and useless :/
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    World border

    hey guys... So I've thought of something thats really cool in my opinion: Right now world borders are just invisible and u always get pushed back when you walk into them. These borders can be used to glitch into bases and are really anoying! So i suggest, that world borders should be huge...