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  1. Ryan

    Rules to add about qualifying for f top [Drego]

    Factions must qualify for f top by being about to show that they have: 90% of spawner value placed in one base Base must have 160 walls Provide coords to admins of that main base (core base) Admins then at eotw use world edit to count spawners in that main base and ensure 90% of spawners in the...
  2. Ryan

    Unofficial but should be Official Suggestions for Drego Map III

    Quickly made a list of current suggestions I can think of on the spot, will be adding more as time goes on, comment suggestions for drego ONLY please. Suggestions commented will be added to list if I think its a worthy addition. I plan on playing but dont want another dead map with no content...
  3. Ryan

    Opinions on BLC only Drego Map 3?

  4. Ryan

    This screen shot sums up Drego realm right now

    Un staffed No admins log on Imagine owning a 1.75k paypal payout server and having no staff to monitor it at all. This screen shot just sums up everything on drego right now, imagine allowing a corner claim called ni**ers, Im suprised you even pay any of this staff team @iLemon.
  5. Ryan

    + Pirates Recruitment Thread [Drego] +

    Pirates Recruitment Thread ============================================================================= Minecraft IGN- Previous IGNs [Link your name mc account]- Previous Faction Servers- Age- Which Realm Have You Previously Played On?- Previous Factions?- Last time you played...
  6. Ryan

    + Pirates Recruitment Thread [Next Map] +

    Pirates Recruitment Thread ============================================================================= Minecraft IGN- Previous IGNs- Age- Which Realm Have You Previously Played On?- Previous Factions?- In Game Rank (May Affect Chances)- Do You Have Faction Fly- Time Zone/ Country-...
  7. Ryan

    Thought I would just leave this here

    Thought I would just leave this screen shot here for those of you looking forwards to ‘Desteria Plus’, just to remind everyone that its not worth hyping up as the owner clearly doesn’t care about his community. Thanks see you around
  8. Ryan

    Umay’s last words

    Posted on behalf of Warmish / Umay. I’ve played Desteria since 3.0, I spent some of my life here, and anyone who has played / is playing still, has also spent some of their life here. I was fortunate enough to be in some of the best factions on Desteria: Denial, Chaotic, Shortbus, Memeteme...
  9. Ryan

    Final Desteria Alert

    Due to recent events of most of my mates left on the server being blacklisted or banned, I have decided to finally make a quitting thread after I have taken a step back from playing since the start of this map. In less than a month now I will be moving into my new house with 6 other IRL friends...
  10. Ryan

    Desteria Alert #2

    You made the news @Childish @Mephen @ovulate
  11. Ryan

    Desteria Alert #1

    @iLemon You made the news @qTobi
  12. Ryan

    What has this server come to...

  13. Ryan

    Desteria IQ [Pirates Cheat?!?]

    Jesus what has this server come to LMFAO
  14. Ryan

    Rate my OP base defence out of 10

    Hi guys, please check out my op base defence these wraps and OP corner pillars can stop anyone even the most experienced cannoners out there.
  15. Ryan

    Desteria's Failure To IP BAN

    Just ipban the kid, you can make it much easier for yourselves.
  16. Ryan

    50M GiveAway [Besen]

    Comment IGN on video and vote to have the chance to win 50m on Besen
  17. Ryan

    What Economy do YOU want?

    Okay guys, we really need to make clear suggestions of what the majority of people want for next resets economy. Please comment your suggestions, try to keep it a clear as possible, no essays please. Do we want the same progression type or do we want it to change. I currently think we should...
  18. Ryan

    Desteria Economy

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking for people who are down to help improve Desteria's economy by making a document that includes all of the current: Blocks Buy/Sell Prices Spawner Buy/Sell Prices Valuable Buy/Sell Prices Farming Buy/Sell Prices Potion ingrediant Buy/Sell Prices / EXP Price Raiding...
  19. Ryan

    Get your Desteria Merchandise Today!