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  1. ChiraqVillian

    Gen buckets that should be added.

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: ChiraqVillian Realm or Service: Desteria (all), Suggestion Information Thread Title: Gen buckets that should be added. Description: These are some gen buckets that should be added that will make the quality of life in desteria better. . Ice gen...
  2. ChiraqVillian

    Can you stack sand on world border?

    Can you?
  3. ChiraqVillian

    ⚔️ Autobots Recruitment Thread [Currently F Top 1] [Next Map] ⚔️

    ╔═══════════☩══♛══☩══════════╗ Autobots Recruitment Thread ╚═══════════☩══✦══☩═══════════╝ ▛▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝ ▜ Faction Information ▙ ▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▖▟ Currently F Top #1 Koth Top #2 Treats all members like family 20+ members confirmed for next map Has gotten an f top reward every...
  4. ChiraqVillian

    Add clown emoji as an reaction

    plz add so many of these desterians are clowns and i need this in my life
  5. ChiraqVillian


    Basically what the title said, back in 5.0/6.0 My friends and I used to buy a wolf spawner tame a **** ton of wolves and go to pvp with them. I want them back because they're the best meme spawner and who doesn't like minecraft dogos?
  6. ChiraqVillian

    Lunar Protest!

    Everyone since you guys are complaining about Lunar getting banned I say we start a protest. I say we all go on /event at 3 pm CST and all pvp on Lunar, they'll be forced to either allow Lunar or ban the entire server, therefore killing the server. This is a perfect plan that has no flaws and...
  7. ChiraqVillian

    AutoBots Avengers Trailer

    I've worked hard on this!!! Give me likes plz <3 <3
  8. ChiraqVillian

    Autobots NBA Fantasy League

    My faction members and I decided to do an NBA fantasy draft. We're all debating who's got the best line up and who's going to win. So I'd thought I'd post it here and get opinions from other people. Team|Owner: Team Dany | @Ledo1 Chiraq Villians | @ChiraqVillian Team Bacon | @baconcheese (He...
  9. ChiraqVillian

    Besen Alts issue

    For whatever reason whenever me or any of my faction members alts automatically get disconnected from desteria after Besen reaches 500 members online. The plugin is so buggy when i did /besen on all my alts it connected all 98 of them and basically almost crashed the server because there were...
  10. ChiraqVillian

    Curb Your Bard

    If you didn't know I like to make meme videos in my free time. Not my best work but here's one on FocusedBard!: Also here are two of my favorites:
  11. ChiraqVillian

    Ways to make Defending easier

    Currently on Desteria it's way to easy to raid a base, and even when you're defending it's still too easy to brute force your way into a base if you have enough numbers. All you have to do to raid a base is set up a cannon have 10+ people on top of their walls with depth striders and that's...
  12. ChiraqVillian


    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH HAHAHHAHHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH -breaths- HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA "Limited" and "server store" should not be in the same ****ing sentence This is a sell wand it came with 1000 uses funny thing is 50k in game You got some big...
  13. ChiraqVillian

    #IronGolem Rights

    How dare you desteria Strip Irongolems of their poppys What will they give to their villager masters now huh? IronGolems need pops to live Without them, they fall into a deep depression Please give them their poppys back, We abuse igs with lava why take away the only thing keeping them sane
  14. ChiraqVillian

    No one can or will stop me

  15. ChiraqVillian

    Selling Ariana

    She is a god awful mother and im selling her on sepre Bid starts at 3 dollars (all her life is worth) (Jk ily mom @Ariana) This thread I swear to god is not a troll I'm going to use the money to buy a new mother
  16. ChiraqVillian

    I still havent done this

    Oh hi there I've see you for some reason (thinks of a way of saying something non-offensive without getting banned) (can't think of anything) and clicked on this thread Im nerdy Im 14 Things i like: Minecraft ***** depression Not this thread Why are you still reading this Go Go Also...
  17. ChiraqVillian

    Any gucci t packs?

    When I looked at these fourms i saw that their were only 3 threads So ima change that Let's MAKE IT 4 BB HIT ME UP WITH UR TEXTURE PACKS EVEN THOUGH IM NOT GOING TO USE EM
  18. ChiraqVillian

    -cough- What the **** is this ****?

    I get reported for death threat because i said someone was going to shoot me even tho it was taken out of context where they said they where coming to my house I get banned in 5 mins I report a staff for calling me a ***got yet to be banned No that was not desty discord but I sent that...
  19. ChiraqVillian

    I think i have an addiction

    Help me plz 2 much 21 savage Ever since i listened 2 these songs i got these quotes stuck in my head "Stab a ***** up, this that Shawshank Redemption" "Yeah, suck me like a lollipop, baby girl Ride that **** and do the bunny hop, baby girl" "You *****s got me ****ed up, you got me twisted"...
  20. ChiraqVillian

    Should the Raid Event be Friday or Saturday

    I really don't get out of school until like 3:15 - 3:30 plus I have to stay after school for office hours. Also, some people have things like football practice or games on Fridays or any sport and general. I think Saturday will suit most people. Edit Yes = Saturday No = Friday