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  1. Prismo

    Staff Team Update | July

    Congrats @Savannah on getting helper! Congrats Lewis for being the first person to ever be demoted to Recruit lol
  2. Prismo

    See you all later. :) @[4638:@Using] you can dance on my metaphorical grave now lmaoooo

    See you all later. :) @[4638:@Using] you can dance on my metaphorical grave now lmaoooo
  3. Prismo

    Oreo did an oopsie

    You should do one of the whole current staff team.
  4. Prismo

    Staff of Desteria: What keeps you on the team?

    One thing that keeps me on the staff team are the other members on it. Once you get to know everyone on the team, it is pretty nice. No real drama (you can tell between serious remarks and jokes), everyone works as a team, and if you make a small mistake while doing your duties, you can be...
  5. Prismo

    Real talk, who's you're favorite rapper and why?

    Parappa Da Rappa He's the best rapper in the history of rapping. None of this mumble rap crap for my ears, no thank you. Parappa actually has some sicc beats that are sure to top the charts.
  6. Prismo


    Some ways of getting money are to: Create a cactus or sugar cane farm. This is one of the easiest and earliest ways to gain a fair bit of money. Using Crop Hoppers, collecting sugar cane or cactus is made even easier by funneling all the grown crops into a chest. Make a spawner grinder/dropper...
  7. Prismo

    Desteria Concept Art

    Someone should make a concept art of something like what iLemon showed but it's a plus instead of a square. cuz ya know... plus shaped map
  8. Prismo

    Down with Prismo

    You posted your copy of his application well over 30 minutes after he did. Panda's app was 100% original as far as I'm aware, and you can't just steal an application before it's posted.
  9. Prismo

    Panda Event #1

    Prismo7 has joined the event realm.
  10. Prismo

    New event ideas

    more rrs Just kidding, maybe you could host a few parkour or sumo events sometime.
  11. Prismo

    What is better, Pineapple or watermelon?

    Watermelon because you can make a city out of it, although it's very expensive. You can't even grow pineapples in Minecraft.
  12. Prismo

    I thought Blorbin was a bad staff...

    I changed your punishment from "Offensive behavior/Slurs" to "Harassment" because 1) "n-word" isn't mutable at the current time, and 2) your mute/ban history tells me that you cussing others out for no discernible reason is a common thing that occurs with you. I unmuted and remuted you because I...
  13. Prismo

    Weekly F-Top Comparisons: S1W3

    Every Friday, about 3pm EST, I will be showing the comparisons between the top 5 factions in each realm. This is NOT the f-top rewards, there are no rewards here besides bragging rights, this is just a fun little side-project I thought of. I recorded and made the graph to the nearest 100k. The...
  14. Prismo

    ✪ Desteria Memes ✪

    blorbonzola cheese
  15. Prismo

    ✪ Desteria Memes ✪

  16. Prismo

    One word at a time

  17. Prismo

    One word at a time

    . Caden
  18. Prismo

    One word at a time

  19. Prismo

    One word at a time

  20. Prismo

    One word at a time