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  1. lahmayo

    Goodbye Desteria

    cya bro
  2. lahmayo

    Goodbye Desteria

    either way lemon didn't close because the buycraft closed way before that when the server was completely dead and then like 2 months after closing it he makes a post saying he can't do buycraft anymore.
  3. lahmayo

    Goodbye Desteria

  4. lahmayo

    Goodbye Desteria

    definitely not. a year after abc realms released it was back to the same 200 player server with 50 ppl on each realm and maybe 100 on the realm that just reset. but like i said it was just like 4 good factions fighting for the first 2-3 weeks then the last one standing held the map down until...
  5. lahmayo

    Goodbye Desteria

    desteria was never competitive unless you look at when they put out drego which even then it was just ran by pirates for free payout and was hardly even comp lmao. besen was just the realm where the best players played and it was always just like at most 4 factions fighting it out for the first...
  6. lahmayo

    Goodbye Desteria

    this isnt vanity though. this **** has been a casual factions server for the past 2 years and it's not like it just randomly shutdown. the last 5 months of the server was averaging maybe 50 players at a time and like 10-15 on each realm. i honestly do think lemon will abandon this project...
  7. lahmayo

    Goodbye Desteria

    desteria straight up just shutdown without reason though and no talk of it coming back. last time it was this dead they had a plan for abc realms and revived it. there's no talk of anything coming
  8. lahmayo

    Goodbye Desteria

    when was it this hopeless lol
  9. lahmayo

    Missing Desteria

    thats literally the only reason ppl still stuck with desteria the last year it was open. no one played bc it had good factions it was literally all about the community
  10. lahmayo

    The future of Factions on Desteria

    50 dollars well spent
  11. lahmayo


  12. lahmayo

    Will Desteria be coming back?

  13. lahmayo


    there’s only one way to find out bro
  14. lahmayo


    yes server no more only destruction
  15. lahmayo

    rip to a once decent server

    probably just gonna decide to release it this weekend or next weekend with like 3 days notice so a cool 50 players will join
  16. lahmayo


    haha nice
  17. lahmayo

    Report user PokkoPiku

    i banned him don’t worry
  18. lahmayo


    no not really. 10k is literally nothing even at the beginning of a reset. it's the player count that makes lottery irrelevant because only like 5 people buying tickets means a maximum of 50k to be won which just makes lottery pointless.