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  1. southgods


    How can you guys play mc, like I played hcf but that ****s just boring now. Same with factions, kids deadass be staying up to 4 am on a school night to raid someone
  2. southgods

    drips 7 potted

    gf broski
  3. southgods

    some vid of me raging

    ya I raged back in like 2013 not my pov you dumbass *****s
  4. southgods

    click on or big ***

    Hey guys its been a minute just wanted to pop in and say no one loves you or cares about you. But you can watch my new vid on this clown. Little birdy told me someone uploaded a 2 pot on me, might have to upload my 5 pot on him :) Debating If i should start logging on over 2 days over 2 years...
  5. southgods

    ya im back with more minecraft cause its minecraft

    realized I can't quit minecraft cause minecraft is minecraft and minecraft is just minecraft with some minecraft and a bit more minecraft on top ya dig? not playing desteria though, just gonna be meming around gang bang n00t's stinky poop
  6. southgods


    hey guys southgods here aka the most toxic player on desteria. I quit for a while but decided to come back cause why not ya dig? Worst decision of my life, I'm not gonna @ a lot of people or write a big ass paragraph but ya. I'm just leaving this game cause its just minecraft, like I'm too old...
  7. southgods

    marcels dog trash ass player down sike
  8. southgods

    Saltinq the legitimate meme

    vids a joke don't take it serious
  9. southgods

    Players should only be allowed to have 4 Accounts on

    So I legit just saw about 100 alts login from some kids script and its just pretty stupid at this point. Here's a couple of reason why you should only allow 4 alts on. 1. When you legit try and raid someone, they legit got 100 miles of claims each direction from there Allied Factions when its...
  10. southgods

    these renders good or nah

    I need to get used to lunar again. Recorded in 480fps and Stimpy's renders.
  11. southgods

    playings the edater gets 7 potted

    Video is ****ed but still good
  12. southgods

    I got banned for potting too fast

    So I got banned because I know how to pot and some mod thought I was using autopot or some ******ed ****. Staffs pov: 1:10-1:12 and 2:15-2:17 Example of me Potting: Basically when I pot, I pot 2 ways. Turn around to double pot, and flicking my pot to the right and running into it. I do...
  13. southgods

    fatmangamer gets thrown around + bonus

    gucci gang
  14. southgods

    Does lightning mcqueen have health insurance or car insurance

    Does lightning McQueen have health insurance or car insurance
  15. southgods

    I'm quitting this game

    All the og's remember me, but basically I'm quitting this **** game, games pretty dog **** and id rather slam my head into a door then continue playing. Here's some og's that made my time on desteria a little bit less cancer. @Costy you're still pretty cool @TopDamage you have long arms @Bass...