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  1. jrain42

    The 2020 Desteria Staff Tier List Supported by Facts and Logic

    amazing tier list couldn't have done it better myself
  2. jrain42

    Count to a number before staff post!

  3. jrain42


    Disabling shields puts people who use their shield properly at a disadvantage, spawners should just not gain value until 24 hours of being placed
  4. jrain42

    desty purchase support is "amazing"

  5. jrain42

    How does the anti-raid plugin not benefit those who use the script wisely?

    Raid alerts only function when tnt is detected exploding within your claim I believe so it won't detect someone building a cannon, but you make a fair point if everyone is offline or simply not in your claims raid alerts would still be able to detect a raid properly.
  6. jrain42

    HOW TO INCREASE MINECRAFT FPS (Minecraft 1.16 frames tutorial) 2020

    thanks for sharing homie you're doing great
  7. jrain42

    jrain42 - Event Team Application

    User name: jrain42 Minecraft Username: jrain42 Do you have Discord? Yes What is your Discord ID? NotJame#6453 Do you have a microphone? Yes Timezone: [EST] Eastern Standard Time (UTC-05) Are you interested in building? No Why did you apply for the Event Team? I would like...
  8. jrain42

    Cokeboys Desteria Diss Track (Feat. Archxngel)

    absolute bars
  9. jrain42


    Take it easy man it was good playing with ya
  10. jrain42

    Changes, Feedback, New Content Discussion and Progress Thread

    new money sink maybe? could use money to increase trench tool efficiency level by level
  11. jrain42

    Changes, Feedback, New Content Discussion and Progress Thread

    Very excited to get to see all the new stuff you guys plan on pumping out. Here's my opinion on a few things: Inflation- I think it'd be best to not have a global tax system, but rather increase the prices of things, and smaller tax systems as you said, as well a completely separate money sink...
  12. jrain42

    Count to a number before staff post!

  13. jrain42

    Dejavu is corrupt and OP. Do yourself a favor and quit now.

    Dejavu has somewhat struggled to maintain dominance of auren during previous maps so this map has been sort of a vendetta for members to exert dominance since the lack of comp. I'm tryna get them to let some smaller factions thrive to they don't kill the realm lol I'll keep you updated
  14. jrain42

    Haven't seen you in ages, hope you're doing well man :)

    Haven't seen you in ages, hope you're doing well man :)
  15. jrain42

    Add sell wands to /f inspect

    Knee-jerk reaction is to just say you should trust everyone you're giving perms to but not everyone has that luxury, would help midsize to decent comp factions manage their roster better +1
  16. jrain42

    Coin Flip, Faction Chest Logs and More!

    fun new addition on what's hopefully the forefront of many new improvements and additions :)
  17. jrain42

    Merging The Realms

    I definitely agree, making each realm fundamentally different with different map lengths, shields, ecos, gen bucket rules, and cannoning rules would be a fantastic way to both appeal to a broader audience and spread out the existing community. +1
  18. jrain42

    The current tnt check system

    would be nice if at least it only registered to activate when in claimed land
  19. jrain42

    Count to a number before staff post!