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  1. simze7

    hey can we talk out the reason you banned me?

    hey can we talk out the reason you banned me?
  2. simze7

    GooLagoon [Drego] Faction Recruitment (6.0)

    -=-=- What is your in-game name? -=-=-simze7 -=-=- What were your previous IGN's? -=-=-just simze7 -=-=- What is your age? -=-=-15 almost 16 -=-=- What is your timezone? -=-=-eastern but im on at night and day alot -=-=- Do you have Skype or Teamspeak? -=-=- skype -=-=- Out of 10, how much would...
  3. simze7

    Praetorian||Idris||Faction Recruitment

    yaz chill out and cry about being a wanna be staff
  4. simze7

    Praetorian||Idris||Faction Recruitment

    In game name:simze7 Age:14 Time Zone (Helps us know when we can expect to see you on):central Skype name (Not needed, but is recommended): Some skills that you will bring to Praetorian:really good at finding and building bases, can make any potions needed for the fac like pvp strength and...
  5. simze7

    [Ethra] IzIzPVP Recruitment

    IGN:simze7 Donator Rank If You Have One:nope Do we need anything to claim?nope Do you have any alts?:nope PvP Skill Level (1-10):7 or 8 Why do you want to join us? i like being in facs with people from previous reset stages and big facs are better cuz more nice people and lots of pvp truce Other...
  6. simze7

    Fight For The Light.. Illuminus[Auran]

    copy and paste would not work sooo.... minecraft name:simze7 age:14 time on desteria:8 months skills: excellent at raiding, building and pvping :) why accept me: i am trustworthy and loyal and demoted to making the faction bigger, better and stronger what would i like to see: loyalty throughout...
  7. simze7

    4.0 Recruitment RaidKingz (Ethra) <--LOOK

    good luck with becoming big, id suggest trucing my previous facs and friends if u want good pvp results.....nothing, origin, thed and so on.... basically the owners of the pvp areas :p
  8. simze7

    Omen~Faction Recruitment (Ethra)

    ign:simze7 age:14 time playing minecraft: 2 years skype, yes or no: no im really good at finding raids and other fac's bases and im looking for an honest fac and i would like to join yours :D
  9. simze7

    Origin Recruitment Application (Ethra)

    - What's your In-Game name? :simze7 - Male of Female? :female - Age? :14 - What's your Skype name? :no skype :( - How long can you Skype everyday? (We're on CONSTANTLY for hours) : - How often do you get on Desteria every day? :4-8 hours - How long have you been playing on Desteria and how long...
  10. simze7

    Auxilium Faction [Ethra]

    alright :)
  11. simze7

    Recruitment-Valinor [Ethra]

    -Application- In game name:simze7 Age:14 How long have you been playing on Desteria?: 6 months Names of old factions and why you left them.orcs, we got raided and fac died PvP skill (1-10):8 Building skill (1-10):9 Anything else we should know about you.:i like to donate free stuff to my...
  12. simze7

    Auxilium Faction [Ethra]

    What is your minecraft username?:simze7 Have you been in any factions previously?:ive been in lots but i always get betrayed How do you get majority of your in game money?:my cactus farm Have you been involved in raiding?:yes Why did you join Auxilium and why do you want access to the base...