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  1. xRevir

    Low Priority Make lava flow faster

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: NicotineAddict2 Realm or Service: Auren Suggestion Information Thread Title: Make lava flow faster Description: lava flows as fast as water to make genning go faster because waiting for lava to fall is boring and causes problems sometimes What...
  2. xRevir

    Divine + Giveaway

    Reroll the divine + giveaway because the person that just won it got blacklisted. @iLemon
  3. xRevir

    Blorbin 4 ADMin

    So after blorbin banned some kid he told me that i should make a thingy so i said sure and did that. It turns out your full name and city is added into it when you create one so i didnt want that and i decided the fourms works too. SO yall gonna vote now,
  4. xRevir

    Lmao muffin

  5. xRevir

    Rank Price Rant

    So over the past two or so months, they changed the rank prices by a lot. The price for titan used to be like 50$ or something now it's over 100$ which clearly nobody is going to buy unless they steal their mom's credit card. It has come to my attention that everyone just bought scout rank on...
  6. xRevir

    Suggestion - /f chest

    Suggestion Title /f chest Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Auren, Besen, Caden, Drego Introduction This is a popular thing on many big faction servers that could be very useful on desteria. Details You do /f chest and you will be able to access a chest that your whole...
  7. xRevir

    Suggestion - Trenching cores in in-game shop

    Suggestion Title Trenching cores in in-game shop Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Auren, Besen, Caden Introduction Trenching cores are very useful but people arnt gonna spend irl money all the time for them. Details Keep trenching cores in the store but add them to...
  8. xRevir

    Pick one, I need to settle this once and for all.

    Pick one in the poll, if you don't listen to any of these artists, it's ok just don't answer.
  9. xRevir

    Suggestion - Hoppers in Bazaar

    Suggestion Title Hoppers in Bazaar Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Auren, Besen, Caden Introduction A few resets ago there were hoppers in bazaar for cheaper than shop. I really liked that and I hope it could come back because it's very convenient. Details They should...
  10. xRevir

    I'm getting sick of waiting.

    Any Updates? For the past 3 months, we have been waiting for Desteria plus to come out. The last estimated time of the release was the beginning of November and now coming into January there has been nothing. Not even a simple map reset to keep players active and involved in the community...
  11. xRevir

    New Faction for next reset (take a peek if interested) Fill out the google form (easier for me to see). Also Please help me find a faction name as I still need one.
  12. xRevir

    Suggestion - Tab improvements

    Suggestion Title Tab improvements Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Auren, Besen, Caden, Cannon Introduction I have some suggestions for making the tab look better it's pretty simple and would make a nice customizability feature. Details 1st I think it would be nice to...
  13. xRevir

    Suggestion - Special Kit Cooldowns

    Suggestion Title Special Kit Cooldowns Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Auren, Besen, Caden Introduction I recently obtained the overload kit (<3 blue) and redeemed it. I loved the kit and thought everything was fine with it. But I did not agree with the cooldown...
  14. xRevir

    Suggestion - Chunk Removers

    Suggestion Title Chunk Removers Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Besen Introduction This is an item that is on other faction servers that has the qualities of things on besen like gen buckets. This will make it easier to create trenched out bases faster and more efficiently...