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  1. atv444

    Management & Team Updates

    Congrats to both of you @Cansky and @Lucy!
  2. atv444

    Caden Reset (June 2020)

    This map should be hype!
  3. atv444

    Besen Realm Reset (May 2020)

  4. atv444

    Multi use buckets

    Just wanted take another look at this suggestion as auren reset is coming soon so I thought we should take another look.
  5. atv444

    Multi use buckets

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: atv444 Realm or Service: Auren Suggestion Information Thread Title: Multi use buckets Description: I think that the Auren realm should have multi use water buckets and lava buckets this would make a it a lot easier to make walls instead of buying...
  6. atv444

    Auren Realm's Impending Reset (March 2020)

    I'm hype for this map!
  7. atv444

    Mining spawners when being raided

    +1 I think that mining while being raided should not be allowed. I have been in a raid multiple times when the faction that I am raiding just mines or blows up their own spawners.
  8. atv444

    Add a ./fix NPC at spawn

    Yeah I think that’s a good idea.
  9. atv444

    Add a ./fix NPC at spawn

    Yeah good idea I think that would be something that would be useful.
  10. atv444

    stepped on a thumbtac

    there is no set date as far as ik but I heard a few weeks but don't quote me on it.
  11. atv444

    Faction Fly

    I see what you are saying Ryan, but that being said it has always been like this on desteria and what about all the people that bought faction fly and now people get it for free would cause conflicts.
  12. atv444

    My Thoughts

    It is a sticky situation but I don't belive he should be punished for this as they did give muffin access to the base, and in my option that's on them not on muffin. That's just my take on the situation.
  13. atv444

    Quick Question

    Not sure if they plan for it but it could happen.
  14. atv444

    Immortals Alts Positioned in their base

    Yeah I mean there isn't much you can do about that but if they are un-raid able then that could be breaking the rules but there isn't much you can do.
  15. atv444

    Unban CleanMeth AKA Brut

    He did not even know it was a public alt that's so unfair.
  16. atv444

    Buycraft Rank Upgrade

    Yes this is what you need.
  17. atv444

    Zulen Faction Fly in Shop

    This is what we need it will make base work so much better.
  18. atv444

    Goodbye Chrono