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  1. Aiden


    please tell me no one plays minecraft anymore jkjk but if u got smash hmu on this thread to arrange some 1v1s or whatever >:)
  2. Aiden

    what i miss

    hey, I'm an old player (I'm not coming back so don't ask) what'd i miss since like 13.0 or whatever the **** that update was
  3. Aiden

    Big Meme

    Someone else made this and it's ****ing hilarious. A tiny ear warning.
  4. Aiden

    hi im back

    Hello Yo, I'm back after a long break after leaving in 7.0. A lot has changed about me (as I like to think) so I hope that my past doesn't affect any future communications. Here are some simple stuff about me. I enjoy sports and outdoor activities. Such as hockey, soccer, and sometimes...
  5. Aiden

    Get A Custom Mousepad For Only 99 Cents

    I'm sure many know, but this is how to get a custom mousepad for 99 cents. 1. Go to and register 2. Select this mousepad 3. Customize it, put in your shipping info and enter this code "Z099MOUSEPADMXTF9" in...
  6. Aiden

    Youtube Intros?

    Hey, I am in need of a cool youtube intro, if you can help me please PM me here for my Youtube intros. (No paper intros please). ;)
  7. Aiden

    Aiden's Return!

    Hello, my fellow Desterians! As most of you probably remember, I quit the server on November 14th, and made the long announcement on my current staff application, I left due to me being Community Manager on a different server, which was in need of my services, and my time couldn't be managed...
  8. Aiden

    How To Make An Image Into Your Signature!

    Have you ever had an image that you would want to upload as your signature, but when you try to upload it all that shows up is a mini-screen with a red x on it? Well, this guide will take you through the easy steps on how to make it visible for other community members! Step 1. Go to a picture...
  9. Aiden

    Aiden's Re-Introduction!

    | Introduction Hello Desterians! Welcome to my re-introduction thread! As I have just made my return to Desteria, so why not re-introduce myself? There is lots about that I hope you find interesting, so here is my re-introduction thread! | Childhood I was born on May 23rd, 2004 in British...
  10. Aiden

    Aiden's Return!

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my returning/re-introduction thread! I know it has been less than a month since I created my partial leaving thread found here. Some members may not be over excited about my return, but at this point I couldn't care less. Two weeks after creating that thread I started...
  11. Aiden

    Aiden's Goodbye!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the thread I never wanted to make! Desteria has been a good chunk of my Minecraft life, and I've enjoyed my time here, going for staff, meeting wonderful people, etc. But due to the most recent and biggest changes, I believe that it wouldn't be long until my forums...
  12. Aiden

    What Would Make You Quit Desteria?

    Read the title and post your answers down below. What would make me quit: If @Pegasu got staff.
  13. Aiden

    A Message

    This is a message on behalf of @Ardent who wanted me to spread the word to people, here's the message:
  14. Aiden

    Graffiti Names!

    Hello there! Today, a new thread comes your way, and this is something that I am offering for you guys to take advantage on. During my Computer class, which I have been taking at school since mid-April, I discovered a website where I can create graffiti names in different textures and styles...
  15. Aiden

    New Name?

    Hello there! My name is Aiden and I am now currently on the lookout for a new Minecraft username for myself! If any of you have any suggestions of a new name please don't hesitate to reply with a suggestion, unless it can be considered as criticism. Here are some things that may become useful...
  16. Aiden

    Abliterate Faction Recruitment! [Edain]

    Welome to the Abliterate faction recruitment page! Here, you will find enough resources to maybe consider joining our faction, in this thread, you can find out all our faction rules, the application format to apply for this faction, and our current roster which will be updated on a daily/weekly...
  17. Aiden

    Aiden's Re-Introduction Thread!

    Welcome to my introduction thread! Some of you might know throughout the community and some of you don't, but in case you want to learn a lot more about me than you already know this is the thread to read over. I hope I can answer some of your questions you may have about me. So get your...
  18. Aiden

    Clan Wars!

    Hello! Today I wish to bring you a PvP based competition to the Desteria community, this event is called, Clan Wars! This is a 4 way clan battle between the current 3 clans of Desteria, the Krafty Clan, the Yung Clan, the JEDI Clan, and a brand new clan that I will introduce once I offer my...
  19. Aiden

    Staff Appreciation Thread

    Welcome everyone and mostly staff members! You are probably wondering what this thread is about, well, I have come to appreciate the things that our current staff team give to us to make our journey and adventure on Desteria safe and welcoming, they have come, they have been promoted, and they...
  20. Aiden

    Staff Changes

    This is a thread intitled to the fact that I want to see some changes with the staff team, this is something that will involve recruitments, promotions, and demotions. Here it is! Honestly, this staff team is one of the worst staff teams that I have ever seen during my time on Desteria, they've...