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  1. MajesticMuffin

    Faction chat freedom

    you can say anything but doxes, ddos threats, swat threats and ips in faction chat if you really wanted, even spam. Just do /filter
  2. MajesticMuffin

    theres a way, but have a good mc free life <3

    theres a way, but have a good mc free life <3
  3. MajesticMuffin

    can someone teach me how to milly rock

    just wave your hands or something
  4. MajesticMuffin


  5. MajesticMuffin

    i am dead

  6. MajesticMuffin

    Official | Mini-Event: Spleef

    :3 1601575060 if you win and dont want the nitro I can figure something out :D
  7. MajesticMuffin

    Make Desteria Great Again 2020

    yeah but no staff but admins+ can actually do anything to improve the server content-wise. I would love to try to fix a lot of small bugs in the config and stuff but yeah...
  8. MajesticMuffin

    make a godset kit

    Tbh we need at least 1 important thing not p2w. And I feel like gsets should be grinded for and not bought, it gives you a better feeling when you get one from pvp and stuff. -1
  9. MajesticMuffin


    nope. sepre
  10. MajesticMuffin


    Sepre was the best realm D:
  11. MajesticMuffin

    Updating Desteria

    1.16 servers can't handle more than 200-300 players without dying (from what I hear anyway), also 1.16 pvp is gross ._. -1
  12. MajesticMuffin

    Remove ender eff 3 Auren/Besen

    Honestly, as much as I love pearling onto full iron people every 4 seconds, it will be more fair for everyone if ender efficiency was removed entirely. Less chasing too. +1
  13. MajesticMuffin

    Dragon Drop Sell Wand Changes

    I do like this idea tbh, it does get annoying having 9 slots of sell wands... +1
  14. MajesticMuffin

    Special/seasonal kits rework

    maybe put the "godly kits" icon to good use? :eek: +1
  15. MajesticMuffin

    Increase /3x3pick command

    It only takes about 4-6 godly's (2-3 bosses) for a trenching bundle, I don't see the point of this suggestion. -1
  16. MajesticMuffin

    big penis

    HE'S ALIVE OHHHHH, also no u
  17. MajesticMuffin

    Hello Desteria

    lewis is 5'1 irl
  18. MajesticMuffin

    Faction Tag

    Maybe not KDR but overall good idea :D
  19. MajesticMuffin

    Redo Dragon drop Crates

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: MajesticMuffin Realm or Service: Desteria (all) Suggestion Information Thread Title: Redo Dragon drop Crates Description: At Dragon Drops... - Make the drop chance of a sell wand lower - Make it so creeper eggs and hoppers go into you're...