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    Desteria Plus | Season 2 Release, F-Top Winners, Purge, and more!

    We put in weeks for work. Just to get warned for obbying spawners and get DQ? When beters insided us and gave his spawners to Ohdonkeh. They didnt get DQ? but we get DQ for a warning that was never told to us?? We did not do anything illegal after the warning...
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    Printer Poll! Please click

    who the **** is that tard who doesnt want printer?
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    printer being enabled on Beaten!!!

    Printer saves time. Less slave work and more actual raiding. +1
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    POLL: Should regen walls be enabled?

    pls dont do this, you're the local snowballz dealer.
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    Dude that's exactly what happened to Dovy, He got banned for saying a bunch of common widespread insults in 1 sentence.
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    bowhopper's Event Team Application

    I knew it was blorbin lmao People been releasing their own Instagram on besen and there seems to be no problem?
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    bowhopper's Event Team Application

    Holy **** how dumb is this staff? A blacklist for sharing his own Instagram while people can get 60 days for ddosing or 30 days for hacking.
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    Suggestion - SMP Realm

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    I thought Blorbin was a bad staff...

    We weren't the one yelling, That guy with a flaming homosexual accent was. His last harassment mute was 1 year ago (Had nothing to do with cussing) and We didn't re-evaluate anything in the call. Dovy is probably the only player who will ever get banned for cussing. Overall I think this is a...
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    Yo, a solution for now if you don't have a alt and need to talk to someone, you can just create a party (/party create (name) invite anyone (/party invite (ign) and talk in party chat (/pc (message), it's allowed. That's how communicate to my faction. Also most people who get muted don't feel...
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    Looking forward to this Omega. I would like to talk to you about a player being kept blacklist on discord or here if that is possible.
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    Will they be a global unban or not
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    Hopefully this goes well