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  1. Wheelz

    Stop the monthly promotions / demotions

    Alright, so whether you agree with this thread or not, I don't care. So let's just start shall we????? I really don't get why the **** there are set dates for promotions / demotions. It shouldn't have a date each month because then I feel as if you don't get one out, then you let down the...
  2. Wheelz


    Yeo is the new yep. #Trending
  3. Wheelz

    -=Wheelz Introduction=-

    WHY HELLO THERE FOLKS AND WELCOME BACK TO MY INTRODUCTION ! ! ! ! ! As hopefully most of you know, My name is Jeremiah, Better known as Wheelz. I enjoy long walks on the beach and eGirls are my favorite. Thanks for reading, I look forward to playing with this lovely community!!! I am also not...
  4. Wheelz

    Dog fighting

    Hop on Evala and participate in the annual Dog Fighting Championship, We have many breeds from - Golden Retriever , Pitbull, Chihuahua, Labrador, ****zu, Great Dane, and lastly, the German Shepherd. Come on down to Evala and message me (WheelzOP), or the co-owner, StaunchFern. Great Family...
  5. Wheelz

    Thoughts on Custom Enchants ;)

    I already know so many people dis like custom enchants, But I would like to know better :)
  6. Wheelz


    I love you all. Hello fellow Desteria Players and staff.. As some and most of you know, I was banned for 7 days, now this isn't necessarily the reason I'm quitting, I'm not a coward who will just walk away, I've decided, I need to move on with life, Mine craft can't be a daily thing anymore, as...
  7. Wheelz

    Dog Fighting Arena

    Would anyone on Evala be willing to donate a few wolf spawners for our new business as the Dog Fighting Corparation! Thank you. IGN - WheelzOP
  8. Wheelz

    (Evala) Recruitment For Monster :)

    - Monster - - Recruitment Forum (Evala) - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ •We are a faction who like to get on others nerves. • Most of us are known as players that like to talk trash, and pvp to show whos better. • We usually...
  9. Wheelz

    Hacked ._. _Wheelz_

    So... I was hacked today, And was wondering if there is anything I can do, I don't know what to do, I can't log on or sign into or Thanks in advance. Or if a chargeback is my best bet.
  10. Wheelz

    -=Recruitment For Monster=- - Evala

    Faction Is Monster. We have 2 Buffer facs. Officers - _Wheelz_ , Quintecent, Ghettohambugler, Laker24 and Zinetra (Leader) Requirements - 50+ Hours, Do not ask for Member, No F home, Must be known, Must be on 3 times a week. Must be 14+ (Copy and paste below and message me it) Skype- Ign-...