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  1. MajesticMuffin

    Redo Dragon drop Crates

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: MajesticMuffin Realm or Service: Desteria (all) Suggestion Information Thread Title: Redo Dragon drop Crates Description: At Dragon Drops... - Make the drop chance of a sell wand lower - Make it so creeper eggs and hoppers go into you're...
  2. MajesticMuffin

    Make Cannon Realm Good

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: MajesticMuffin Realm or Service: Cannon Suggestion Information Thread Title: Make Cannon Realm Good Description: Add or Change... * /fire which will make testing and troubleshooting cannons a lot easier. * 5k by 5k plots to test cannons that shoot...
  3. MajesticMuffin

    Cok or Balls?

    you can choose one choice and only one. If you fail to answer you are not a pro e-sports gamer.
  4. MajesticMuffin

    Divine+ should get /color

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: MajesticMuffin Realm or Service: Desteria (all) Suggestion Information Thread Title: Divine+ should get /color Description: For some reason, the top rank on Desteria (Divine+) does not have /color. This is kinda ****ed up due to the two ranks...
  5. MajesticMuffin

    MajesticMuffins Event Team Application

    Personal Information Minecraft Username: MajesticMuffin Do you have Discord?: Yeah What is your Discord ID?: Muffin#1234 Do you have a microphone?: mhm Timezone: EST / NA Building Section Are you interested in building? (If not, feel free to skip this section) Please list a building...
  6. MajesticMuffin

    What achievements do I need to rank-up on the forums?

    I was wondering if there was a chart or something that shows what requirements are needed to rank-up my forums account. If you have no clue what I'm talking about when I say my forums rank here is an example:
  7. MajesticMuffin

    /stop should be a public command

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: MajesticMuffin Realm or Service: Desteria (all) Suggestion Information Thread Title: /stop should be a public command Description: /stop should be public to enhance the Desteria factions experience What would your suggestion improve?: This...
  8. MajesticMuffin

    /ignore in Global Chat

    I think /ignore should ignore the user in both global chat and /msg because, currently there is no real way to ignore one user from global chat unless you turn off global chat entirely which is not a very good alternative. Also, there are some people in global chat that are always toxic and just...
  9. MajesticMuffin

    Why can I not remove offline people from my plot [Cannon Realm]

    When I wanted to remove someone from my plot while they were offline I simply couldn't. It just said "Player not found: (name)". Is this just me or is it just a bug?
  10. MajesticMuffin

    Suggestions for Desteria

    Before I go on this is based off of my opinion and experience of playing Desteria and other factions servers. All of the things being listed are things based off of my opinion that need to be added, fixed, or adjusted to improve Desteria. Cannon Realm - - /gamemode - Protection Block(s) -...
  11. MajesticMuffin

    Vote for best cat

    hai im back and happy that im back so while im here ill make a vote for the best cat. and be christian in chat please so no swearing or anything not christian (if u dont listen to this ill respond in a christian way). CAT ONE - CAT TWO -...
  12. MajesticMuffin

    I'm leaving

    Due to the not so good staff ( aka clowIDOT ) I'm banned for x-ray even doe he never checked my files for proof then I had to choose between my baby the Conner base or a blacklist I had to help my friends and fac and log in alts to keep the claims for the Conner because I knew even if I was...
  13. MajesticMuffin

    A nice message

    Who wants to die
  14. MajesticMuffin

    Better Crates

    Ever since the new reset ive been getting 2 tnt and a cave from a legend crate. And when i opened my May crate i got a cave and fireworks....for 40$'s getting to a point where a legend crate will get u a cow as a rare legend reward instead of a creeper, eman, or ig. Please make crates...
  15. MajesticMuffin

    The "Old"

    Ok im wondering what was the best realm back then Besides Edian back in the Og Days ( 2.0 - 4.0 )
  16. MajesticMuffin

    Why can i not buy a un-ban from store?

    When i wanted to buy a unban after a staff saw """xray""" on my pc it said "Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time" can someone please help me or give me advice on how to fix it? Ps: I already Emails payments and pmed annie and Bethy on fourms AND tried buying thru paypal /...
  17. MajesticMuffin

    ...i think im annoying u now :D

    yea i wasent chill when u pointed that one out since u were like YEEEEEEEEEEEEEET once u found it while i was there trying to get u to look into my folders to prove i dont have it and dont use it for 30 sec after u left but i guess u dont a a duck still :/ and btw im gonna keep doing this untill...
  18. MajesticMuffin

    Again I was False banned

    Ok before u lock and say "u clearly had x-ray LOCKED ***** LELELLE"...ok I might of added a few words to the last part of the statement....BUT Really just actually look in my folders ffs I don't hack to begin with and clearly u rlly don't give a duck about banning me close but can u get someone...
  19. MajesticMuffin

    I have been "False Banned"

    Since i have to wait a god damn month to make a appeal im just gonna do my own in here. Clown why did u ban me if i dont even hack in the first place. u saw the controlls for xray but i dont even have it in my .minecraft and downloads so thats not proff tbh. Also, u might as well get a higher...
  20. MajesticMuffin

    Who Will Be The Best Leader Of Pure

    Vote for eightier MajesticMuffin or baconcheese2013 for the leader of Pure :D