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    Methy__ |LF Faction | Krynn ONLY

    Username : Methy__ PVP Skills : 4/10 Building Skills : 7/10 Raiding : Anything involved with raiding. **** yea. Pvp Skills pretty much add up to raiding skills. What am I best at in minecraft? : Being online a lot Contacts : No Skype. No TS. Discord - Yes. Steam - Yes. Timezone : UTC +10...
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    Not even as a joke.

    Reading the new "Death threats" rule. I have a question. Guy: Methy I bought a car! Methy: I'm gonna kill you and steal it! >:D "Threats Will not be taken lightly, not even as a joke" Just wondering if this would lead to a warning @Reability
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    My Late Introduction (Is there a reason to make this) ._.

    So pretty I got bored and didn't know what to do. And I thought, why not make an introduction... Well here it goes. A Suuuuuuper late one ._. 1) My name is Victor 2) My IGN for Minecraft atm is "GottaGoGuys", and i'm definitely changing it back to "Methy" 3) I suck at Minecraft 4) I am from...
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    Methy be looking for a faction

    What is your in game name?: GottaGoGuys -- Changing back to Methy.. I was drunk the day I did that hueuehue :p What realm was you in before 5.0?: No actual realm... How old are you?: 19 Do you have Skype or Team speak?: Skype Out of 10, how much would you rate yourself on raiding?: 2 Out of...
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    My art :D

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    Im friken done...

    ...of this boredom #BURNELMO
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    Just wondering what this is used for, and how to view someone else's one. Cause if it's there for no reason and no one can view it.... ._.
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    69? This post is for no reason. Love me like you do :P
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    Basically I stopped playing Desteria In-Game. But I didn't really quit. I still check the forums everyday, I just don't hangout on the shoutbox a lot any more. I didn't quit, just got inactive. ^-^ I'll still respond to PM's etc. Please dun leave meh ;n; I still love ya'll Anyways, yeah. Just...
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    Is it only plaguing Desteria?

    Is it only Desteria forums getting spam bots? Or do other server forums get it too?
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    I own Adrom

    Rekt xD
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    testing 1,2,3

    [May] Judgement Day Post ^it's a fake, just testing some forums stuff
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    Le reminder game

    How to play: Tag someone, then look at the person you tagged's (that even make sense?) name. And write what the name reminds you of :P @Hanna - Banana @Anavimous -Dinosaur @brettrachell -Hair band ._. @Montavy - Gravy Sauce @Bethy - The Best :D
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    Error? o.O

    what le fock
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    Leaving Desteria

    I want everyone to know that i have had the greatest time on Desteria. Desteria is the best server i have ever been to and will ever be in. I love the community and everyone that i've met. But i am now leaving Desteria For 4 days, because i am going on a holiday bbs :P
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    Faction staff chat :D

    I don't know if anyone knows this... but i found that /f c o gives you [If officer or leader] Officer chat for your faction... :) I found this by a typo, anyways hope this helps :P
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    How to get free $$$ in Desteria!

    1. Make @Ambushment add a Bethy realm 2. Enjoy
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    New Desterian community!

    So today there was a broadcast showing us the new [i think] desteria community with plug dj! Just for people that missed it or didn't realize it It's a cool place to chill :D
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    A question we've (I) have been wondering for so long...

    Why is Desteria called Desteria O.O