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  1. SkypeWifi

    How old are u all

    Be honest
  2. SkypeWifi

    Daily reminder you are not gangsters you are on a minecraft forum

    Daily reminder
  3. SkypeWifi

    aswell is not one word

    it is not
  4. SkypeWifi


    desteria is a minecraft pvp server
  5. SkypeWifi

    $ uff ya 1 tap minecraft pvp god$

  6. SkypeWifi

    merry christmas

    merry christmas
  7. SkypeWifi

    someone buy me rainbow six seige

    ill suck your ****
  8. SkypeWifi

    What do I sexually identify as today

  9. SkypeWifi

    add the smurf

    le main
  10. SkypeWifi

    Please reset the server

  11. SkypeWifi

    I'm brain washed now don't go on that site ****
  12. SkypeWifi

    With the lights out

    It's less dangerous
  13. SkypeWifi

    This don't make no ****in' sense

    Wasn't the entire point of creating a helper application thread so the community can give its feedback instead of just PMing admins?
  14. SkypeWifi

    This is a title

    This is text
  15. SkypeWifi

    Can u get banned for names with bad words in em

    Can you get banned for names with words like ******, ***got, *****, ****, *** and so on?
  16. SkypeWifi

    Staff wave?

    When's it happening?
  17. SkypeWifi

    Buff endermen

    I made 2m a day with 20 blazes now I have 20 endermen and I make 200k a day
  18. SkypeWifi

    its 3pm and i havent peed yet

  19. SkypeWifi

    Are they resetting bans

    I heard they were