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    Please help.

    Hey, if anyone have a whitelist credit on lounge could you please help a brother out :)?
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    I dont know if the staff team has failed to realize that desteria is a FACTIONS server not a townie server. Swearing and competition will always be apart of factions and adding a filter that blocks every swear and even the word "Down" is just a joke.
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    So i just got on for the first time in a few days seeing that I am banned for "account hacking" when Equality gave me his account months ago to play on PvPLounge. I havent logged on desteria this reset at all on his account so it was someone else who did so not me. I dont play mienecraft often...
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    Looking for thirsty e-girl preferably with braces and does cheer.

    @kikalooski please break up with @Childish so we can fulfill my dream of dating you over the internet :)
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    Hmu plz

    can anyone hmu with a clean youtube banner please?
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    Change it up.

    As many of you may be aware the 7.0 reset was not at all one of the smoother resets. Not only was there awful chunk loading however there was a shop exploit that ruined the economy and an drastically low player count. As seen from the above...
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    go watch plz
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    Oh my dear friend Queen Mikayla

    So I was looking into the staff tab on the forums and came across this : See normally it would be all good with such little messages however she is titled as the "Community Manager" yet has the least amount of messages within the whole entire...
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    Enough with the E-dating.

    The forums and in-game has honestly just turned into a cringefest of thirsty E-girls and guys. Can all of you E-daters go to a Towny server or something cause this is turning the server into even more of a joke.
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    @Halee ok bud enough with your annoying post about your mediocre HCF fac
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    7.0 Builds.

    The entire server has had an extremely similar design if no the same builds since 1.0. Please for 7.0 hire good builders and get new builds for everything please.
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    Updates and 7.0

    Don't release the raiding updates unless releasing a map reset (7.0) it's a game changing update and should not be released mid map. @Eraze
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    HELLO? REVIEWERS? ANYONE? @Z-ONE literally said pvp style can increase distance of which you can hit a player. The reported player is clearly using improved strafe (improved strafe is a mod to make your player always stay out of the other players reach.) @Z-ONE you dont...
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    DDOS/Other Rules

    So I have just realized that DDOS attacks are generally just a 30 day ban. If you have been on almost any other server DDOS attacks are almost always a blacklist if not a permanent ban. Overall I think some rules especially a large one like this needs a more aggressive punishment. In addition...
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    Future Events.

    Ask the community what they want to see instead of making random events that no one cares about like Coin Wars. @Event Team
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    Peep my YouTube! Sub g's more vids coming soon!
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    @Drego Cheaters.

    @gavin1214 @BootyClap @Elrak @Zagaligth
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    Did not know staff were comedians.

    Well I was just reading some random forum posts here and there and this thread came across me Please read the whole screenshot and then look what @TheLoneWulf1 said in response to this forum. Also keep in mind he/she locked the thread.. I mean come...
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    @Gallowed Really you no-potted me :p GOOD FIGT MAN!
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    It Is Time. - Quitting + Selfie

    Well, was fun on this server. From 3.0 till now. I've met amazing people, lost some too. I am quitting Desteria. The server is just boring now, nothing to do but afk and talk in chat. Yeah, every once and a while something will happen and make it fun for a day or two. IF I DIDN'T TAG U I STILL...