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  1. GoldLess

    March DP, Flawless Cannoning & Trenching Cores!

    Hey look, they used GetNuked's base for the picture :D
  2. GoldLess

    Another Besen map ruined due to dumb ****s and dumb **** decisions

    Just because your factions sucks doesnt mean iLemon did something wrong :P
  3. GoldLess

    Last Post Wins The Internet

    Damn.... October of 2014.... this **** is the most og thread :D (btw i win)
  4. GoldLess

    Announcement | F-Top Winners

    And they said raidalerts is trash? Keep talking :P
  5. GoldLess

    What the nut?

    Meanie head. I would be a great addition to the team! We want more, fun and cool events right? We need all the help we can get!
  6. GoldLess

    Goldlesss's Event Team Application

    Thank you kind sir <3
  7. GoldLess

    Costy's Event Team Application

    Always online and participating in events and other activities. Well known in the community and would make a great addition to the team :D +1 from me.
  8. GoldLess

    BullyProof's Event Team Application

    See him online all the time and always participates in events! +1 from your boy :P
  9. GoldLess

    Goldlesss's Event Team Application

    Thank you very much. Miss you honestly <3
  10. GoldLess

    tokys's Event Team Application

    +1 for my guy @Rain ! He is always on the event realm and is always having fun and participating :D good luck my guy.
  11. GoldLess

    Goldlesss's Event Team Application

    Personal Information What's your IGN? Goldlesss What's your Discord ID? GoldLess #3899 What timezone are you in? EST Building Section Are you interested in building? Yes Please list a building 'style' that most accurately describes your own. I don't have a certain style of building, I just...
  12. GoldLess

    Fix the ****ing pot lag maybe?

    I am so ****ing sick and tired of going to end and nether, throwing pots, and the, not registering at all. Its getting real ****ing annoying dying because pots dont work... Please ****ing fix. @iLemon @Mephen
  13. GoldLess

    I thought Blorbin was a bad staff...

    yo just admitted he hates everyone from besen. You play an ez realm.
  14. GoldLess

    February DP, New Nether KoTH + 60% Off Sale

    Suggestion, Bring the old end back? It was a lot better for the nex!
  15. GoldLess


    @FocusedBard Ready to take over?
  16. GoldLess

    Poll: Economy Changes - Dynamic or Static?

    to be honest, the og original desteria was the best. i like the way desteria is now and don't want to see it change majorly. I think we should do a beta map with this dynamic eco and see how it goes rather then implanting it for a real map. maybe have a realm for just the dynamic. other than...
  17. GoldLess

    TnTFill Command Revamp!

    GG, can’t wait to use this command!
  18. GoldLess

    Cannot connect to Besen

    Ok, so I used to get this message when i played on 1.7.10 with forge. Try re-downloading forge and 1.7.10 and it should work! If not, please pm me or a staff member :) @Lochy
  19. GoldLess

    Um, TF?!?