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  1. GoldLess

    Goldlesss's Event Team Application

    Personal Information What's your IGN? Goldlesss What's your Discord ID? GoldLess #3899 What timezone are you in? EST Building Section Are you interested in building? Yes Please list a building 'style' that most accurately describes your own. I don't have a certain style of building, I just...
  2. GoldLess

    Fix the ****ing pot lag maybe?

    I am so ****ing sick and tired of going to end and nether, throwing pots, and the, not registering at all. Its getting real ****ing annoying dying because pots dont work... Please ****ing fix. @iLemon @Mephen
  3. GoldLess

    Um, TF?!?

    Hey I haven’t been in here in forever so decided to come on. And ugh.... WHERE THE **** IS TEA?!?! Did he resign? He was like the soul of desty. So someone please inform me of what happened. Thank you!!!
  4. GoldLess

    Anyone please?

    hey guys, doritoman38 or droppinqs here. Just wondering if anyone is up for buying me an unban. Been a while since I have played and I want to come back. Just financially can't afford it. Family going through some rough times. Thank you :)
  5. GoldLess

    Cool game

    if this thread gets 50 winners (ratings) I will delete forums account :D
  6. GoldLess

    Reviewers please

    Reviewers please PM me asap
  7. GoldLess

    Community poll (un official) Resets???

    Hello everyone, just here to see what the community has to say to just having 2 realms reset. Personally I do not like it because when the whole server reset, the whole entire community was hyped and ready for something new. Now it's only half the community sorta hyped and the rest feeling left...
  8. GoldLess

    Playings irl

    It's a prank nerd
  9. GoldLess

    Don't take Night quill

    night quil really does some heavy **** on you. Took 2 tea spoons of it, next morning I thought I had Waken up and took a shower and laid down for a min, next thing I know my dad is on my room saying it's 7 o clock, your late and need to take a shower. -.-
  10. GoldLess


    How many times can we tag iLemon before he gives us an update on why he is inactive and so is Annie. @iLemon
  11. GoldLess

    Time to go :(

    I never thought I would be saying this but I am leaving desteria. :(. I know most of you guys probably don't care but for those that do, thank you for always being there for me and sticking by my side. I was just perm banned for autoclicking. I am not going to lie. I was using it and I now...
  12. GoldLess

    What the?!?!

    Did I miss something or did we just get fluffy back on staff and a bunch of new staff?!?!
  13. GoldLess

    Eraze opened a server!?! - CLICK BAIT FOOLS. ANYWAYS AMBUSHMENT LOOKING RIPPED AF?!?! Look at link xD
  14. GoldLess

    Staff Suggestions and More!

    Introduction As you all may notice, desteria is dying once again. We are not hitting the average player count daily. Back in 3.0 - 4.0 we got at least 900 players a day. Now we get at the highest, 400. There are many reason to why desteria is dying. I am going to list each one and give advice...
  15. GoldLess

    Awesome Nex battle GG

    GG everyone who was in the video. If you guys could do me a favor and like the video and subscribe to my channel! That would be great! @CatchTheRainbow @Leins @Justin @Quittings
  16. GoldLess

    Araddd Dropped to DJTasty's Faction :( R.I.P @Arad
  17. GoldLess

    Christmas Spirit!

    Tag someone and say something nice about them! Keep it going! @Leins for helping and giving advice on my staff application and on the forums! @CatchTheRainbow for calling me LAYS man :/ lol
  18. GoldLess

    Gg 1v1 with Warnings.

  19. GoldLess

    Ace Faction Recruitment Thread

    Looking for a hardcore action packed faction? Well you can to the right place! Ace will be filled with lots of pvp, raiding, and having fun! Want to know how to get in? Answer these following questions and I will decide if you are fit for the faction! Good luck! 1.) IGN 2.) Age 3.) Old...
  20. GoldLess


    Anyone here from Maryland?