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  1. Walrus

    WELCOME TO CALEN'S SHOP!!!!! 10/10!!!! NEW INFO!!!!
  2. Walrus

    [DREGO] Exclusive Recruitment Thread

    Welcome Desterians Exclusive is currently seeking members to join for the 5.0 reset on the Drego realm. Known before as ProFusion back in 3.0 and 4.0 on Eldyn, we plan to provide competition on Drego itself. Please fill out the application below with honesty. PS: Base access will not be given...
  3. Walrus

    The Walrus: All about the Walrus you love... 39 facts included!

    Hey all... Walrus here... with today a somewhat late intro that I felt like doing... So lets get down to business shall we? 39 facts included!... Well, I honestly don't know why "Walrus" but lets just start with some fun facts I guess... FUN FACTS: 2. I intend to be a Walrus 3. I feel...