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    Remove /invsee

    Facts +1
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    Team Update | 2nd October Wave

    What's up guys. It's VJO as usual showing up for the staff wave and then disappearing for another month lmfao. Congrats to all the new recruits... I'm sure you guys will do great.
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    Team Update | 1st October Wave

    Been a while Rizzeh. I know you where a bit toxic when I was playing still, however I trust the mentor teams judgement so, I'll assume you've changed a bit. Gl to you bud and I hope you use the abilities and influence given to you responsibly. If you don't Lucy will tell me and I'll kick your...
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    Rip LewisYoYoYo

    "Salty ass urban dictionaries." Desteria is the most wonderful place for quotes
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    Not toxic to use a decent cannon. The cannon I used was an outdated counter. Not even that good lol.
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    Correction, VJO split them....
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    Legalist Event Team Application

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    I draw your ideas (horribly)

    Can I get an image of the text MineWrld getting shot by a cannon lmfao
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    Besen went to war

    Well... not rands they have played since like 3.0 but yes... no counter hahahaha
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    message me on besen. I can make you defense on it that I doubt anyone will raid if you want. You just have to set up a piston door and then about 20 wraps and no one will spend 300k raiding it. IGN is VJO just hmu peace.
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    I draw your ideas (horribly)

    Draw me a pirate getting shot with a cannon
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    How’s everything?

    This isn't clickbate tho... nothing in this post is tricking you into clicking. The name of the post is "How's Everything". He asks the question then gives you a template to review the question itself. The post is pretty useless in many ways but, it's not clickbate lmao. Anyways this is a stupid...
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    I Destroyed Everyone On The FFA Realm (video)

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    How’s everything?

    Isn't that the point of any post though XD. To get views and get people to reply to it lmfao.