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    Rip LewisYoYoYo

    "Salty ass urban dictionaries." Desteria is the most wonderful place for quotes
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    Not toxic to use a decent cannon. The cannon I used was an outdated counter. Not even that good lol.
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    Correction, VJO split them....
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    Legalist Event Team Application

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    I draw your ideas (horribly)

    Can I get an image of the text MineWrld getting shot by a cannon lmfao
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    Besen went to war

    Well... not rands they have played since like 3.0 but yes... no counter hahahaha
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    message me on besen. I can make you defense on it that I doubt anyone will raid if you want. You just have to set up a piston door and then about 20 wraps and no one will spend 300k raiding it. IGN is VJO just hmu peace.
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    I draw your ideas (horribly)

    Draw me a pirate getting shot with a cannon
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    How’s everything?

    This isn't clickbate tho... nothing in this post is tricking you into clicking. The name of the post is "How's Everything". He asks the question then gives you a template to review the question itself. The post is pretty useless in many ways but, it's not clickbate lmao. Anyways this is a stupid...
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    I Destroyed Everyone On The FFA Realm (video)

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    How’s everything?

    Isn't that the point of any post though XD. To get views and get people to reply to it lmfao.
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    I draw your ideas (horribly)

    Could you draw a rather large woman eating a box of donuts extremely intensely?
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    I draw your ideas (horribly)

    Could you draw me a person beating the badlion client logo 1564462176 P.S if you do that You're officially a god tier gamer
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    I draw your ideas (horribly)

    it's... perfect 1564456243 Draw me a really stupid looking farmer wearing a straw hat
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    How’s everything?

    idk if he's farming views he's doing a good job. Intriguing post my friend. I liked your other one to. You def put a bit of thought into these.