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Trophies awarded to Vinnie

  1. 110

    Gift to Desteria

    At 7,000 positive ratings, you must have contributed greatly to the forums. Enjoy your new tag!
  2. 100

    Forever and Always

    At 5,000 likes, you are adored by a large portion of the playerbase. Can I get your autograph? Enjoy your new banner!
  3. 70


    You're being so positive that you're making the rest of us feel bad!
  4. 20

    A Thousand Miles

    Phew, 1,000 messages? I hope that took more than a day.
  5. 40

    A Ray of Sunshine

    I'd love to get to know you, if you've earned all these positive ratings by yourself.
  6. 50

    Like You, Love You

    Wow, your messages have been liked 1,000 times - you're burning hot, baby!
  7. 30

    Thicker Than Water

    500 likes! How many fan letters have you received yet?
  8. 20

    Staying Positive

    You must be posting some really good stuff, to have gotten this many positive ratings!
  9. 20

    On Fire!

    Everyone likes you. Or at least, they have 250 times.
  10. 15

    Roses are Red

    You must be doing something right, to have gotten 100 likes!
  11. 1

    First Encounter

  12. 10

    All The Cool Kids

    Starting to gain some popularity here, but don't let it get to your head!
  13. 10

    Secret Admirers

    You've hit 25 likes! Keep doing what you're doing!
  14. 2

    Something Entirely New

    Could it be? It's your very first like!
  15. 10

    Into the Woods

    That was your 100th message!
  16. 5

    Baby Steps

    30 messages posted - you're getting somewhere, alright.
  17. 1

    The Beginning

    Your very first message. Here we go!