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    RaidAlerts duping exposed.

    Where’s the proof? :o
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    Suggestion - Unban//unblacklist

    +1 at least give blacklisted people the chance to buy an unban if u don’t want to unban them (don’t make me buy unbans for multiple accounts tho lol...)
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    Message from ex Moderator WuYi ~~~

    Simon is thicc In Memory of RaidAlerts :( sosadbro
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    WuYi's Apology

    Unblacklist me too while ur at it ☹️
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    WuYi's Apology

    So true
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    WuYi's Apology

    Damn... your hot af @WuYi That's great bro
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    Suggestion - Why There Should Be An Unban All (In Depth)

    +1 Desteria needs more players and more competition... Must be boring if pirates dominate the whole server Or at least unblacklist me so I can appeal? :) I'm a very kind wittle man
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    Make insiding bannable again...

    Ur inside is irrelevant. You TooDumbToInside... we got 2bil again lol
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    Raid Alerts Split?

    Bypassed with a cannon? Since when does ''cannon'' stand for an insider that was only able to inside because desterias plugins are broken?
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    Black people should be allowed to say the N word in public chat

    So you want everyone that says it to send a picture of themselves? lol Just dont say it... Cant be so hard... I understand that you are growing up under very bad conditions in a miserable social environment, you can still try to behave and talk like a civilzed human being.
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    Black people should be allowed to say the N word in public chat

    Clearly your the one being dumb here... First of all, why would black people be allowed to say the n word and white people arent allowed to? Isnt that somehow discrimination? Second, its an online game and everyone will just spam the n word in chat and say they are black to not be muted. This...
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    last time i checked i only saw paypal :O