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    Has anyone seen a trench core in dragon drops?

    I have spent nights chasing dragons around for the doodoo loot and I have yet to see a core. Has anyone seen one? These new items will be available from the Server Store on release and are found in loot chests at Dragon Drops. (Referring to trench cores)
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    Blorbin Hates Fun.

    L kid just find a client that gives you legend
  3. Tonycool32

    just got my new iphone x!!

    Felt cute in this pic, might delete it later
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    Announcement | F-Top Winners

    Gimme yo fackin maney
  5. Tonycool32

    Suggestion - F-Top Calculation Suggestion

    So if I raid a fac and get everything it could not matter at all?
  6. Tonycool32

    Suggestion - Afking on walls

    Just use vanish Zzz
  7. Tonycool32

    Suggestion - Cannoning. TNT direction precedence

    Dank I have been working on some cannon stuff while I am banned. Wanna check any out?
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    Suggestion - Horizontal gen buckets in ally land

    All based on perms, a genbucket perm could be good.
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    Announcement | Bug Bounty, F-Top, Top Voters, and Purge

    Will we be getting a new crate next month?
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    Suggestion - Horizontal gen buckets in ally land

    Could be used to raid. I do not know how well your relations are with your allies.
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    Pick one, I need to settle this once and for all.

    I only listen to dead people like x and peep right now
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    Suggestion - Cannoning. TNT direction precedence

    I would not be surprised if nothing changed.
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    Suggestion - Non raiding realm

    A better option would be 20 undestroyable chunks with a capture the flag esc defense. There would have to be rules on said set ups. Must be enter-able. Must have loot to earn. At the end of the day it would prob be like custom outposts. You would also not be allowed to have these chunks as part...
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    Omega Abuse For OneThiccBIgBoi

    inb4 shadow realmed