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    Staff Wave | May

    Sad I didn’t get picked, but congrats nonetheless!
  2. Terovic

    Mob Spawn Rate

    Try refreshing the chunks. That worked for me the last time this happened.
  3. Terovic

    Legality of obsidian near spawners

    Am I allowed to build 2 seperated blaze grinders? Currently we have them right next to each other, fully cased in obby. Each has ~100 blazes, and we do it for the purpose of allowing 2 people to grind at the same time. Also, is the spawner shell allowed to be covered in water as long as the...
  4. Terovic

    Cannoning faction

    Carnage. Don’t have an alt that I can use for this tho.
  5. Terovic

    Cannoning faction

    Yo can I join? I can’t cannon that well, but I just wanna pvp and have fun raiding. Idc about any rewards, I just want fun. I’m not going to leave my current fac tho.
  6. Terovic

    Should Obby Durability be increased (from gen buckets)?

    Isn't the base shell technically a wall? And besides, you know that people are going to use obby gens for walls. You're kidding yourself if you think otherwise.
  7. Terovic

    Crop Hoppers

    They are working on buffing them rn.
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    You must be new to the internet. Hi, glad to have you here. You likely won't enjoy your stay, and good luck!
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    I had mine answered in like 6 hours.
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    Me vs Ceria Bosses

    True. But tbh I didn’t really like the pvp after nex, although it was very popular.
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    First of all, it is impossible to complain about being muted without showing what messages you sent. Secondly, making a support ticket takes all of 2 minutes. I hardly think that qualifies as “a bunch of steps”
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    Last Post Wins The Internet

  13. Terovic

    Count to a number before staff post!

    Its more fun for us anyway.
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    Almost a week in and you refuse to fix coleader/perms

    For your first point, what specific commands can a mod do that a coleader cannot? Also, which faction perms are broken and in what ways?
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    Voting Crates???

    I actually have. As I said, I wasn’t entirely sure. Based on what I can tell, it’s either buggy or not a 100% chance to get crates. Seeing as most people I’ve asked about this mentioned they don’t always get crates but get the other rewards, it was logical for me to assume such. I apologize if...