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    Surr3alD3sign - back in buisness

    wb ^^
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    Nether in Caden

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    I am LOVING the new crate system.

    Total Probability can't exceed 100% <3
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    [OG] Account Giveaway! (Winner Reveal 12/10/17)

    Songs were legit lit done My SoundCloud acc is 649849603 (Never bothered to change the name :P)
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    Thx y'all, but I still dk what to do w this acc someone help me pls xd
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    (My current ign is alpxcca never bothered to change this) So I've been inactive for a while now anyway, but I think it's time to give up desty. I've been playing a while, and while it's been good, it's no secret that the server has it's problems. Most of the players I know have alsp quit, which...
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    Legendary Recruitment Thread

    How long have you been on Desteria and Krynn/Eldyn? Are you experienced with faction servers? Played factions about 3 years now. Desty since 7.0, I played krynn a bit when I started, then moved to ethra (eldyn) 2. Previous factions on Eldyn: Poontang last reset, Payback this one 3. Previous...
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    Synergize vs. Stimpay

    fuuuck nice
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    Fatman, spakka, sagaq, Droopsy, Which, Sonage
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    How the staff rank could be more interesting

    Who you trynna get unbanned here ;)
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    I know this is a topic that has been brought up multiple times, and I know it's being worked on. But desteria is in a pretty **** state rn. We're down to one dev, he won't be able to do much alone. On eldyn, horseman south-east is glitched and spawns underground. In north-east, it can sometimes...
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    Id like to point out that youve also appiled to other factions so that doesnt show much will to join us ^^
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    Well I was with you before so why not xd IGN: Sw3pt Age: 14 Working mic: Yep Discord: also yes Pvp out of 10: Id say 6-7 Defences: 8-9 Raiding skills: 0 if you mean cannoning Previous factions: Poontang Rank: Legend