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    Old ranks making a comeback.

    I completely agree with your rant. Even the key prices need to be lowered like wtf...
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    Happy Goons Christmas!

    very nice build!!!
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    Serious concerns about Screensharing policies.

    What you're talking about is called public disclosure, kiddo. As far as "privacy laws" go, there can be plenty of them that can be argued. For example, the fourth amendment of the US constitution. Then again, it's the Internet, not America, specifically. But in the end, who would really care...
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    Old ranks making a comeback.

    everything checks out here. asks who are you, then goes on to explain who the person is. lol checkmate ******.
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    Question regarding redstone

    So, we all know that desterias is different from most redstone. Is this intentional? If not, will this ever be fixed?
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    Lemon Gaming Networth

    LOL, yeah no, his name is public information, more so now that he's a business owner.
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    Tnt at the wall

    thats the joke
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    Lemon Gaming Networth

    yup Mr Alexander Coulson is 18 years of age.
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    Fix cannon boxes please

    maybe don't be stupid? lol
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    New York was the trip that I needed :)

    this post was oddly... wholesome... thank you for this :)
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    I'd have to agree.. this whole wartime **** is absolute ****ing nonsense...
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    Add a rule to disallow moving bases during war time.

    that's kind of ****ing stupid
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    Add a rule to disallow moving bases during war time.

    Question: What is wartime anyway? Is there now specific times when someone can raid? If so, seems pretty ****ing stupid.
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    The old day's.

    facts 1575217060 also, days doesn't need an apostrophe
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    Official Token Shop Idea Form

    lmfao they're a little slow, not sure if it's a good idea to leave them in charge of making a new token shop system.