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    dead meme
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    idk lmao
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    Custom enchants?

    Fuuuck noooo. There's a reason why Caden was so dead. Not many people liked the custom enchants, and they were often super buggy, and putting custom enchants on such a competitive realm like Drego would make a lot of things so terrible.
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    Lunar Client [MegaThread]

    i don't cheat lol, i bought it to test it out and refunded it. i don't even play anymore, and i never said i use lunar client to make it look like i'm legit. i don't use lunar client, i used badlion client, and even then, if i was trying to look legit, why the **** would i admit to cheating on...
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    Quitting Season

    Cya man, hope you had a good time
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    Lunar Client [MegaThread]

    Will do papi chulo
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    chief keef spells villain wrong so he is not a good role model for you trust me im a mom
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    you spelled villain wrong
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    Lunar Client [MegaThread]

    Okay but, that's what I said, and you were referring to the people who have the same mentality as me, so... you... were... talking to me? edit: also, could i get your mothers number, because if i'm going to be babysitting you, i have hourly rates so i'm currently being scammed =/
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    My father owns UGA, I'll have him ban your gamer account. Permanently.
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    how dare you disrespect a fellow gamer, i will have to speak with the UGA (united gamer assocation)
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    Lunar Client [MegaThread]

    well then why are you still flaming this thread? lol. people want it unbanned, and your main argument is nobody uses it, so why have this thread, when people do use it, so they made a thread about it...