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    can't you look into chests by hitting it with redstone, or is that just an OG feature?
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    MCMMO Milestone Rewards (picks, hoe, etc)

    I like the idea! Also, the idea of buying MCMMO credits is just plain stupid. You can buy the trenching tools for 2.00 GBP, and just 50 MCMMO credits cost 2.88 GBP, making it totally pointless to buy MCMMO credits to get the tools. Also, it would cost $54.36 (if I did the math right) to purchase...
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    Chill 1v1 w clicks! + Bonus clip

    LOL i wish i was hopping out of childishs backpack :(
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    Chill 1v1 w clicks! + Bonus clip

    i actually have done this before bunch of other people chipped in too lol, good times. this was back when "thanos car" was funny, and we ended up spamming the thread with thanos cars
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    3 stooges

    being on lunar proves nothing, imo. there's already fake lunar clients that have the cheatbreaker aspect removed. as far as the ss goes, a ghost client is borderline undetectable by ssing at this point. what's your main? you mentioned at one point that hellreaper is an alt
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    3 stooges

    wasn't asking you... of course, you're gonna say you don't cheat...
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    How Enchantments Actually work

    facts lol
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    3 stooges

    are they cheating or no
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    Why :( I love you

    Why :( I love you
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    Top 3 Desteria PvPers.

    Why is that even up for debate? easy cheated so hard, if desteria didn't have an anticheat worse than that of 2b2t, he would've been banned a long time ago. Childish is washed now, man lol
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    Top 3 Desteria PvPers.

    I literally don't even know who synergize is, I'm just calling you out on your insanely huge Minecraft ego, you need to take a step back my guy. 1570574214 You're both just clashing egos together and whoever comes out of it will look dumber than the person who lost.
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    Have you tried to treat it with cocaine?

    Have you tried to treat it with cocaine?
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    Halloween Event (All-month)

    DOOT DOOT +1
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    Top 3 Desteria PvPers.

    Dude, what is wrong with you, lol... Not only do you put yourself into the top 3 desteria pvpers, and only joined the forums yesterday, you play Auren and clearly have no clue what you're talking about. I've got a question for you my guy... How long have you played Desteria? You're literally...
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    Top 3 Desteria PvPers.

    @HELLREAPER not trying to be toxic or anything, but to make a "top list", you have to actually know what you're talking about